How To Monitor Your Brand On Social Media?

Social media platforms (with their billions of members and followers) provide businesses with an immense opportunity to grow their audience base, customers, and revenues. E-commerce websites and all other kinds of businesses are now using social media to engage with new prospects as well as with existing customers. Apart from spreading information, monitoring your brand on social media provides an opportunity to connect with customers and other stakeholders in real-time as well.

Know More about Social Media Monitoring

Modern technologies and software tools make it possible for businesses to monitor what is being said about them on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Consumers and other kinds of interests and parties may post content related to brands online on social media platforms. This content can be in the form of reviews, comments, analysis, information, and others. Social media monitoring helps brands identify and determine what the customers and the market think about it and the way its products/services and brands are perceived.

The Process of Social Media Monitoring

A typical social media monitoring tool and software works in the same way as a search engine test. The digital algorithm crawls all the websites and social media online platforms and indexes them frequently. After the indexation, queries and strings are used for locating the brand mentions and comments. The important steps of social media monitoring include:

  • A social media monitoring project is set up and the business must produce the keywords that will be used for tracking its online presence in the social media mentions, posts, and content.
  • The software and social media monitoring tool will collect all the relevant mentions on the main dashboard. There are many kinds of filters available in the tool as well that can be used to further analyze and interpret the data effectively.
  • Many distinct kinds of analysis run (such as engagement, sentiment, reach, and volume among others), and metrics can be used for a detailed analysis of many different parameters.

The Benefits of Social Media Monitoring and Mentions Tracking 

Social listening is being proactive at finding out what the customers and others are saying about the products/services of the business or about the brand itself. Social media monitoring and listening may provide an online brand and an E-Commerce business many distinct kinds of benefits including:

  • Reacting with the customers and answering their queries in real-time. It ensures that any issues are contained in the least time possible and do not aggravate to be a major problem.
  • Finding out the position of the company in certain demographics. The monitoring helps your company know which areas should be focused upon through greater marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Utilizing positive and negative feedback for improving the business.
  • Building better brand authenticity and creativity and enhancing its reputation.
  • Find out more about the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. The information helps a business revise and improve its ill-performing marketing campaigns as well.
  • Using the reporting capabilities and analytics of the social media tools to calculate the return on investment.


Social media monitoring and listening help a business gather and make use of data that is available publicly. The data helps a business find out more about the perception of the customers. An online business can also use the existing data to its advantage. When you want to have a better online reputation and engage your customers in the way they want, you should also make use of the latest social media mentions monitoring, and listening tools.