How to Modify or Cancel Your Car Rental Booking

Planning for a car ride adventure in the UAE can be a one-of-a-kind experience, especially when renting your ideal model. Even though sometimes plans don’t go as planned, there’s always a solution. At the same time, some issues can cost you money that you didn’t plan to waste. Just like forgetting about your car rental pick-up date, it’s not a big issue, but you’re paying a fee. It is a great option to cancel your rental deal without spending any money, right? In such a case, you can consider informing your rental agency before the date for cancellation; that way, no charges will be added. The cancellation time varies between different agencies. That’s why it’s highly recommended for you to read the terms and conditions page of the rental company you’re about to deal with before you do.

Online Cancelation/Modifying

Online reservations often have the opposite function, meaning you can easily cancel booking your rental car from the same page you’ve ordered. Going through the steps is easy. Hit your reservation page and reach the canceling or modifying request. Don’t worry if you can’t find it; there is always a help center on every website that will guide you step by step. Even those who don’t have an option can contact their customer support.

Use Your Email

If canceling or modifying your order online didn’t work, you can simply send an email to your car rental dubai provider and clarify your request. Make sure that the email you’re sending will sound important, urgent, and straightforward at the same time. Mention the demand in the subject area and write down what car you’ve ordered, when it’s been made, and when it’s expected to arrive. Also, mention your personal information, such as name, phone number, and address. The customer support team will have all the details to accept your request.

Contacting Support or Customer Service

You might be a little late and can’t go with the email option but need a fast solution. Contacting the agency through the support or customer service team is a more immediate step you can get into. However, you might not receive an instant response according to availability and work pressure. After you contact the team with your request, it can be faster for you to mention all the required details as they will ask for them later on. They know everything they need, and your request is considered faster.

Call Your Dealer

If you can reach your provider on the phone, why not? Hit their phone number and call them. Be clear and tell them what’s your issue. They might ask for extra information to ensure the right person is speaking. It’s still considered one of the easiest cancellation methods.

Visit The Office

Reaching your car rental office and talking to the management is the best thing you can do if possible. This decision is more effective because you don’t need to worry about late response or request approval. All you need to do is tell the office head your need for cancellation or to modify some points in the car hiring reservation.

We Suit Your Needs

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