How To Make Your Lace Wig Look Natural

Every wig or hair enthusiast knows a good hair game goes beyond just having the best human hair wigs. It goes beyond having an HD lace front wig. 

The key to having an on-point hair game is to have your wig looking as natural as possible. This is why you have to properly lay your lace wig because it is the only way your wig would look natural. 

So if you are looking to take your hair game to the next level here is how to make your lace wig look natural. 

Opt For A Human Hair Wig 

To make your lace wig look natural, your best bet is a human hair wig. Why you may ask? Well for one they are very versatile. Human hair wigs are super easy to restyle, stretch, flat iron, curl, blow-dry and dye. 

Doing any of the above with synthetic or fiber wigs would either pose a challenge or be impossible. So it is important to purchase a human hair lace wig especially if you are someone who loves to switch things up. 

With a human hair wig, you easily go from a brunette to a blondie or a redhead. Or you can opt for curly hair today, and a layered bob tomorrow. 

The possibilities are endless with human hair. This is why it is always natural looking because just like you can restyle your natural hair, you can do the same with a human hair wig. 

Get A Wig That Fits Your Head 

This is a very important part of getting your wig to look natural. Can you imagine walking down the street and the wind blowing your wig off your head? That would be so embarrassing. 

So how can you get a wig that fits your head? First, you can measure your head with a measuring tape. You measure your head’s circumference, front to back, across the forehead, over the top, around the back, and nape of the neck. 

Once you’ve taken these measurements find out the exact sizes of the wig from the manufacturer or vendor you are buying from. Then you pick the one that’s most convenient for you. 

The good thing is, even if you can’t measure your head you can still buy any wig and it’ll fit. This is because most wigs come with adjustable straps and built-in combs. So you easily adjust it to fit your head. Now you rock your wig without fear that’ll fall off. 

Flatten Your Natural Hair 

To ensure your wig sits perfectly on your head, you have to flatten your natural hair. To flatten your natural hair, all you have to do is braid your hair in cornrows. If you don’t want to braid your hair, you can simply do a sleek bun at the bottom of your head. 

After putting your hair in a bun, you can pin the remaining hair to the top or side of your head, ensuring it is flat. If your hair is long, you can wrap it at the back but ensure it doesn’t bulge. Then wear a wig cap on your head to secure it in place. 

If you have type 4 hair and want your cornrows to be neat and last long. You can silk press your hair before getting cornrows. But wearing a wig cap is a must. 

Flattening your natural hair helps the wig sit comfortably on your head. And this is the only way a wig can look natural, when it sits just right. No part is bulging, or looking raised. 

Bleach Knots 

Bleaching the knots of your hair will make your lace completely undetectable. To bleach the knots you will need: 

  • Bleach
  • Developer
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Mixing brush to apply bleach

To begin, pour your bleach into the mixing bowl and add your developer. You should wear a glove during the process to protect yourself from the chemicals. 

Mix the bleach and developer until the mixture is thick. The mixture should be thick, not runny so when you are applying it to the lace, it won’t seep through and bleach your hair. 

Now your bleach is ready. Before you apply the bleach, place your lace on aluminum foil. Next, gently apply the bleach to the knots with the mixing brush. Please apply sufficient bleach to every knot, and when you are done with one side, flip the lace and do the other side. 

Then wrap the lace in aluminum foil. Check the lace continuously to see if the knots are beginning to change color. Wait till the knots are no longer noticeable and the lace is honey blonde before rinsing the bleach off. 

Next, you wash your lace with neutralizing shampoo, leave it one for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash off. Finally, condition your lace and you are all done. 

Your lace should blend in amazingly with your skin once you are done. Once it blends in, it’ll look as natural as possible. 

Pluck The Hairline 

It is time to get the hairline of your lace wig looking as sleek, slayed, and natural as possible. To successfully pluck the hairline of your wig, you are going to need a; 

  • Rattail comb
  • Tweezers
  • Wig stand
  • Pins

Once you have everything you start by placing your wig on the wig stand and securing it with the pins. 

Use the rattail comb to brush through the hair and pull it all backward. Now you go in with the tweezers and start plucking hair away from your face. Remember the aim of plucking the hairline is to make the front of the hair less dense. 

Pluck from the ears to the middle of the hair and do it carefully, you do not want to mess up the lace. Pluck the hair layer by layer and occasionally comb through it to dislodge loose hair. 

Do it until the front looks scanty and natural just like your actual hairline. This is the only way your wig will look natural. 

Go For A Lace Wig That Melts 

Once you have plucked the hairline, the next step is to melt the lace. This is why you must go for a lace wig that melts. Once a lace wig melts into the scalp it becomes undetectable, automatically looking very natural. 

The best kind of lace to achieve this feat is HD lace. It is breathable and can be worn as a glueless wig. All you have to do is put on your head, arrange it correctly and every single inch of lace will blend and melt into your skin. 

Melt The Lace 

First things first, wear your wig cap on your flattened hair. Then put on your wig, and line it on your hairline but pull the lace down to your forehead. 

Lift the lace on your forehead and use glue or freeze spray under the lace along your hairline so it sticks. 

Now blow dry the spray with your blow dry set to low or Medium heat. Next, tie the area with a band or wrap strip from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. 

Leave it for 10 minutes. You can use this time to attend to other pressing affairs if you wish. Once the spray is dry, it’s time to cut the lace. 

A melted lace sticks to the scalp and looks exactly like your hairline, making your wig look very natural. 

Cut The Lace Along Your Hairline 

Before you cut the remaining lace, take off the band or cut the wrap strip away. Now grab a nice pair of scissors and precisely cut away the remaining lace. 

Cut the lace in a zigzag motion and stay close to your hairline. 

Install Your Wig Correctly 

After cutting your lace, you’d still have parts of the lace left and sticking up. All you have to do is put the end of your rattail comb in some gel and gently use it to press down the lace that’s left. Do this from ear to ear, so every inch of the lace is perfectly installed. 

Grab your blow dryer, set it at low to medium heat, and dry off the gel. If there’s any excess gel, you can simply wipe it off with a piece of cloth. 

This step is very important because it’ll determine the fitting of your wig. If you are new to the hair installation game, you can also watch some YouTube videos. This way you can learn how to install your wig correctly, you find the right products and can follow an easy step by step guide. 

If your HD lace wig is installed properly, it will fit your head perfectly, have a natural looking hairline and would last for days.

Blend With Makeup 

Hopefully, you haven’t done your makeup before now. To make sure everything looks well put together you should apply some foundation and setting powder on the lace front. This way, if it wasn’t looking like your scalp previously it definitely will now, and it’d match with your makeup. 

Blending your lace with makeup causes the wig to look natural because you can’t tell the difference between the lace and the rest of your face. 

Leave Some Baby Hair

Now, this step isn’t completely necessary, but there’s nothing wrong with some sleek edges. So you use your rattail comb and pick out a few hairs from the side of the wig, use scissors to cut them diagonally, and apply some gel. 

Then you blow-dry the baby hair, so the gel dries. Tie it with a band and let it sit for some minutes before taking it off. 

When you are done, you should have a slayed-to-perfection, natural-looking lace wig.  

Baby hairs are an essential part of any hair style now. Be it with natural hair or not. So to have a more natural looking wig, always leave some baby hairs. 

Try A Headband Wig Or Dark Root Wig 

For those who are frightened or even appalled by the thought of laying, melting, and installing a wig, you can opt for simpler options. Like purchasing a headband wig or a wig with dark roots. 

A headband wig, specifically one made from human hair, always has the look of natural hair that’s been styled with a headband. They’re the simplest natural looking wig to exist. 

So, next time you want to purchase any wig with hopes of looking natural on you, ensure the wig is a human hair lace wig that melts and fits your head. Once your wig has checked all these boxes, you are good to go.