How to Make the Most of Your RV Warranty

Did you know that an estimated 11 million households in the United States of America own an RV as of 2022? Getting an RV is a great way to get out into nature and explore more of this great continent. You’re making a sizable investment when you purchase an RV, so it makes sense that you’d want to get the most value out of your RV warranty.

RV warranties give you peace of mind that a leaky roof or an electrical problem doesn’t fall on your shoulders to repair and pay for. The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about the best RV extended warranty and how you can get the most value for your money.

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Know What Your RV Warranty Won’t Cover

A great starting point is knowing what your RV warranty will and will not cover. If your RV fails due to a collision or an accident then that is something that your RV insurance will cover rather than your warranty. RV warranties are geared toward helping you out if you experience issues that are mechanical or electrical in nature.

Don’t expect chipping paint or issues with the glass and flooring to get covered unless you get an extended RV warranty or an rv lifetime warranty. Maintenance items like tires and awnings are also not covered by RV warranties in most cases. You can move forward with your RV vacation with confidence when you know what the warranty won’t cover after your journey is over.

Know Who Is Allowed to Work on Your RV

You should also know how is allowed to work on your RV if you want to avoid voiding the warranty before it expires. Some warranties only offer coverage if you take your RV to mechanics that are within their network. This could pose issues if you plan on traveling the country in your new Class B RV or your fun teardrop trailer.

It’s best to look into an RV extended warranty that grants you flexibility. That will allow you to get repairs when and where you need them.

Find Out if the Work Needs to Be Pre-Approved

The last thing that you should do is find out if the work needs to get pre-approved by the warranty company. You don’t want to pay big bucks to get your RV fixed only to find out that the work was never approved in the first place. This could leave you out thousands of dollars with no help in sight.

Make the Most of Your RV Warranty

Your RV warranty is a valuable tool that protects you in the event that your RV experiences mechanical or electrical failure. Make sure that you get work pre-approved before allowing a technician to work on your RV. You should also know ahead of time what the best RV extended warranty will cover so that you can enjoy peace of mind on your vacation.

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