How to Make Money on Forex for Beginners?

With the rapid advancement in technology, making money on the internet is becoming easier. One of such ways is through forex trading, which involves trading different currency pairs to make a profit. 

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Trading platforms grant access to enthusiasts vying to trade the financial markets, proides access to trading tools, and render assistance when needed.  

This article will explain how to make money from the forex market, even if you are a beginner.

How to Start Trading Forex

As a novice in the foreign exchange market, you need to get the proper education before you can make money from this market. The market is similar to buying and selling company shares and stocks. That said, here are some tips to get you started. 

  • Learn About Forex

Just by merely surfing the internet, you’d find different courses that’ll provide you with the basics of forex. It isn’t as complicated as you think, though you sure need to learn, as it differs from equity trading. 

  • Create a Brokerage Account 

Brokers are companies that provide access to the market. These brokers don’t charge fees; instead, they make money through your trades. As a newbie, you should set up a micro forex trading account with minimal capital requirements. 

Such accounts are limited; for example, brokers don’t let them trade beyond 1,000 units as opposed to a standard account where a lot size is 100,000 units. A typical platform to get started with your forex journey is MTrading. 

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  • Develop a Strategy

Trading forex exposes you to many risks, as predicting market trends requires some analysis and study. That said, an effective trading strategy can create a road map that guides you to trade the market. A competent trading strategy takes account of your finances and the market situation towards getting the better of the risk you are taking. 

  • Always Monitor Your Positions

At the end of every day, try to check your positions. Endeavor not to leave any pending positions and close out all positions when you are done with that trade. Also, try to leave enough funds for future trades. 

  • Take Control of Your Emotions 

Trading the forex market can get emotional, especially when you think of positions you should have closed earlier or waited a little longer in another case to gather more profits. If you let your emotions guide you, it may just lead to you obsessing over situations beyond your control. All forex traders should be disciplined and know when to close a position. 

How to Earn Money From Trading Forex

Earning money from the forex market is easy, provided you engage in the right practices. 

Understand the Market

You must have a good trading strategy to succeed in the forex market. However, before integrating this strategy into your trades, you must have proper knowledge of the current market as it is always changing. Forex trading is essentially venturing into risks; these trades happen online, where you can easily gain or lose money almost immediately. Traders, especially beginners, must be very careful as they determine the currency they purchase or buy to get the best outcomes. Forex traders must prioritize gathering full knowledge before deciding on the currency pair to invest their money in this online market. 

Trade With a Suitable Broker 

The trading platform you use for your trades plays a crucial role in determining your success in this currency market. Ensure that the broker you partner with on your forex journey adheres to all regulations guiding the forex market. Otherwise, you are liable to fall victim to scammers. 

Before deciding on a broker for your trades, ensure you carry out adequate research. This might lead you to make a shortlist of some brokers; then weigh the pros and cons of each trading platform over each other. 

Also, reading reviews of real people about the brokers can give you an idea. Some online trading platforms provide educational and research materials to help traders improve on their trading techniques. Such educational resources are priceless and should not be ignored.

Practice on Demo Accounts

An excellent way to improve your knowledge of the forex market, especially as a beginner, is to practice on demo accounts. These accounts are a semblance of the real forex market and allows you to test your trading strategies before engaging in a live market. 

They help to gain the experience and confidence to make the right investments, so when trading in the real market, you are more comfortable. Most of these demo accounts offer advice, research, and educational materials that can prove beneficial when trading in the real market. 

Once you are sure of your trading skills, you can switch to a live account to practice all you have learned and start making money from the forex market. 

Forex trading appears to be growing rapidly, with the number of forex traders already at around 10 million globally. This is an indication that people are gaining money from this market. So, if you too intend to make money in this market, you shouldn’t give up after a couple of attempts as many do. 

As you embark on your forex journey, remember these three things

  • Patience: Forex is not a quick rich scheme; you need to be patient to learn before you start earning. You are sure to make silly mistakes along the line; just continue, and you will become an expert in this field in no time. 
  • Consistency. Beyond patience, trading in the forex market requires consistency, especially as a beginner. Do not abandon the market for long. Try always to create time to carry out analysis, then trade. The more you trade, you improve, and soon, you’d become a refined trader. 
  • Understand risk management: We cannot overemphasize the risks of trading in this market. Before going into any trade, understand the risk involved. You shouldn’t attempt any trade where the risk outweighs the reward. 


Adhering to all we have discussed in this article, you would soon start earning an income from trading the foreign exchange market. With the right practices, you wouldn’t just earn for a little while; you become a successful trader. In fact, when you finally hone your trading skill, you can make forex your full-time day job.