How to Make an Interior Feel Bigger with Rugs

Here we will go over how you can make a room feel bigger by using a rug. 

Interior designers use the tips below, and they have been proven to work time and time again, so keep reading to find out how the professionals do it. 

Large area rugs

Using a large area rug is a great way to make a room look bigger. 

Your rug should cover most of the floor but not touch the walls. Instead, you should leave about 12 inches of space between the rug and the wall that leaves a border of exposed flooring. 

Using a large rug creates the illusion of a larger space because it draws the eyes wider and brings attention to the length and width of the room.

Light colors

You may have heard that wearing white makes you look larger, and black makes you look thinner. Well, this is true, and it works with all items, not just clothes. 

Light colors like white, beige, ivory, pale green or soft pink reflect a higher amount of light than darker colors which tricks the eyes into believing that an item is bigger than it is. 

Some rug colors that are popular right now are:

Gray farmhouse


Iceberg blue



Subtle patterns

When shopping for rugs especially at Art Hide, you will come across many beautiful pieces with intricate designs and fun patterns. Although these rugs are hard to resist, they are better saved for large rooms.

Busy patterns can make a room look much smaller than they are because they overwhelm the eyes and draw attention to one area. It is better to purchase a rug that has subtle patterning throughout and does not have an art piece incorporated into the center.

You can find many fun yet subtle and elegant rugs at Lawrence of La Brea

Furniture placement

How your furniture is placed on or around a rug makes a significant difference in how big or small we perceive a room to be. 

When arranging your furniture, it is best to place items along the walls and borders of a rug. You never want to put a piece of furniture in the middle of the room or in front of a doorway because it divides the room and gives the perception of multiple, smaller spaces. 

Having your furniture placed along the edges of your rug will draw the eyes to the room’s length and width and give the illusion of a large, empty space.

If you are unsure how to arrange your furniture to make the room look bigger, Home Guides breaks it down nicely. 

Minimize the number of items on the floor

Overcrowding your rug will overcrowd your eyes as well. When decorating a room, it is best to keep the number of items on the floor to a minimum. 

Making a room look larger is mainly done by ensuring that nothing divides the room or brings attention to the center. Having items such as end tables, plants, magazine racks, or lamps will give a room the illusion of being small and cramped.

Horizontal stripes

Stripes are one pattern that will not make a room look smaller. Instead, having horizontal stripes can make a room look much larger than it is. 

The trick is to find a rug that has stripes going parallel to the room’s width. Having a striped rug makes a room look bigger because they have an elongating effect that creates an illusion of a floor that is never-ending. 

Look for rugs that have thick stripes or a mixture of stripes that are thick and thin. 

You can maximize the effects of this trick by finding a rug that has tones of similar light colors, such as white and tan. 

Final take away

Creating the illusion of a bigger room with a rug can be easily done with just a few simple tricks. First, find a rug that is large, light in color, does not have a busy pattern and consider one that has stripes. Then, when it comes to rug placement, make sure it extends to about a foot from the walls, place furniture along its edges, and avoid over decorating the floor. 

For the best result possible, draw a person’s eyes away from the center of a room and create a bright atmosphere.