How To Make A Good Trade Show Display

Trade shows allow businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and to collaborate with others within the industry. This show can also help you gain more clients or increase sales of your products or services. Expo marketing modular displays will help your booth to look professional and be successful at trade shows. 

What makes a good trade show display?

Open and inviting exhibit

Having this type of exhibit allows potential customers or clients to walk in a be a part of your display. Allowing your audience to be engaged will leave a positive, lasting impact. It’s critical to find the happy medium between having your display be too big or too small. 

Stand out

This is a must! You don’t want to blend in with all of the other trade show displays. It might be difficult to change up the color scheme based on your company colors or colors of the product or service. If necessary, gather a team to brainstorm and create ideas on how to achieve your goals for the trade show.

Don’t overdo it

It is possible to go over the top with you display, so you definitely want to avoid that. This is important because you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much going on with your display. Establish the goal of your trade show display early on in the preparation stage, so it is easy for the audience to identify the point you want to make.

What makes a bad trade show display?

A bad trade show display is a poor layout of the booth or perhaps a table at the front of the booth. It might be an essential part of your display but you want to avoid blocking your booth. Remember we’re going for open and inviting! 

Train everyone to know how to run the booth

This one may come as a shocker but ensure that the individuals who are running the booth actually know what they’re doing. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone running a booth who doesn’t know what the goal or purpose is. It’s alright to not have answers to all of the questions but make sure the employees or volunteers have the information necessary to run the booth.

Don’t overdo it 

It can be very overwhelming when there’s too many handouts to comprehend when walking up to a booth. Try to keep things simple and focus on the presentation of your trade show display. Remember that papers will eventually get thrown away. People do love free things, so that’s important to keep in the back of your mind.

Ensure that you have a goal or purpose for your presentation. Every aspect of your trade show display should have meaning and not be there just to be there.

Let us help you!

Don’t forget that we encourage you to seek professional help from our experts at Expo Marketing to help you achieve your trade show display goal! We want to help you succeed.