Woodfired Pizza Oven
Woodfired Pizza Oven

Diligent maintenance is the key to keeping your home appliances in optimum working condition throughout their working life. The better the care you apply, the longer you can use your appliances. This sentiment extends to the hardiest devices in your home, including your woodfired pizza oven.

Taking good care of your woodfired pizza oven keeps it in good working order longer and enhances the quality of dishes you produce. A well-maintained oven becomes the tool supporting mouth pleasing pizza creations at every turn. Therefore, it is vital to make every effort to facilitate proper care from the moment of installation.

Here are some ideas on how to maintain and look after your woodfired pizza oven.

Routine Cleaning.

Routine cleaning is the most basic form of maintenance for your woodfired pizza oven. Hence, you must make sure to clear out any ash that accumulates after the wood fire dies out. The ideal frequency for this process is once every week, depending on your usage. 

Allowing ash build-ups to grow unchecked can significantly limit your oven’s efficacy over time. Therefore, this step is crucial. Moreover, instead of disposing of the ash, you can re-use it as organic fertiliser or pest repellent.

Cover your oven when not in use.

Woodfired pizza ovens are often situated outdoors. Therefore, they remain exposed to the elements. However, long-term exposure to environmental extremes like rain, temperature fluctuations, and wind can age your oven prematurely. So, you have to use protective covers specially made for the oven to prevent water damage, cracks and UV induced deterioration.

Perform seasonal curing.

If covering your oven is not viable, you may opt for seasonal curing instead. Seasonal curing entails drying your woodfired pizza oven using low heat over a specific duration. This process eliminates any accumulated moisture within the structure, thus preventing the development of cracks and weak points.

The best time to cure your oven is the time immediately preceding the season when you most frequently use it. Additionally, it is also advisable to perform some curing after an extended period of disuse.

Remain within the recommended temperature range.

Woodfired pizza ovens can easily get to very high temperatures when lit. While most ovens can withstand the extreme heat, constantly operating them at high temperatures will accelerate the oven’s ageing. As such, it is advisable to use an infrared thermometer to monitor your oven’s temperatures every time you use it.

Use high-quality dry wood.

Using wood that has a lot of moisture results in smoky flames. When you have wood producing a lot of smoke, it is also a sign that it is burning inefficiently. This shortfall not only produces excessive soot but can also taint your pizzas’ flavour. Moreover, the soot is likely to clog the oven’s vents, thus making it more difficult to clean the pizza oven after use.

A woodfired pizza oven is a valuable addition to your home. However, it is also an investment. Therefore, it falls to you to take proper care of the oven, if only to get the most use you can out of it.