How to Launch a Career as a Psychologist

A career as a psychologist can be very rewarding. Being aware of the feelings and emotions of others and trying to help them can leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of every working day. Once you have decided you want to become a psychologist, you then need to decide how you will launch your career – what route will you take and why?

Studying the Right Program

Whichever route you decide to take, you will need to understand the value and importance of studying the right program. The right program is going to give you the knowledge and awareness that you need to start launching your dream career. When you are looking at programs, you will need to look at something such as a BS in psychology online as this will allow you to study as and when you can. Flexible online learning is less restrictive than campus-based learning, and this is likely to be highly beneficial when you are pursuing a new career.

Deciding on an Area of Practice

There are many areas in which you can practice as a psychologist, but not all of them will appeal to you. So, which area of practice are you aiming for? Are you wishing to work with younger clients, or are you looking at assisting married couples? Do you want to work as a private psychologist, or would you prefer to work within a healthcare setting? Even at the early stage of career planning, you must decide where you see your future and why.

Internships and Gaining Experience

Now that you have established what area you want to work within, and you know what program you are working towards, it is time to move on. It is imperative to your career that you gain experience at any level that you can. You may find that this may be through an internship, or you may find that it will be through voluntary roles organized through your program provider. Reaching out to institutions and providers and organizing that experience is going to prove beneficial to your career. Any type of practice is going to allow you the chance to apply your knowledge and your newly acquired experience.

Developing and Advancing a Skill Set

Alongside improving your experience and knowledge, you are also going to want to develop and advance your skill set. As a psychologist, you need to hold a wide and varied skillset, which will include being highly skilled at listening and communicating at all levels. However, it might also include having the ability to work with others – especially on complex cases. Looking at the skill set that you currently hold, and then seeing where there is room for change and growth is important. If you are struggling to identify areas for change or development, then try modeling yourself on a peer or colleague, and see what they can offer where you are lacking. Often you will find it is easier to see faults or shortcomings through other people.