How to Know Your Factory Processes Needs a Thermal Mass Flow Meter?

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass, or volumetric flow rate of gas or liquid that passes through pipelines. If you have a fair idea about flow meters, you must get in touch with a reliable source to purchase the best quality flow meters for the smooth functioning of your processes. When you get into an engaging discussion with experts on the other end, you know even better about the type of flow meter suitable for your company. However, a gas flow meter may not be ideal for all measurements. Hence, if you want a technical expert to advise you about your specific requirements, then you may browse at for immediate replies to your queries. 

The first consideration for choosing a particular type of flow meter is to understand whether it is an open or closed channel. Open channel means available to the external environment, while closed channel means the flow through a tube or pipe. 

Is there a Need for Flow Meter?

It would help if you found out whether there is a need for a flow meter in your factory. In most cases, factory pipelines are meant to pass liquids, gas, or oil, and in such circumstances, a Flow Meter has to be installed. If you are confused, you can consult with a technical expert about it. 

The type of flow determines the kind of flow meter you will need. A flow meter measures pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, and the vapor pressure of the liquid or gas, which are displayed on the meter’s screen. If you need remote monitoring of data or measure flow by regular readings where the liquid pipeline is situated, you will need flow meters accordingly. 

You may also need a Paperless Recorder or a data logger device to record the measurements. They help cut costs and are 

generally used in ovens, fermentation processes, freeze-drying, heat treatment, power monitoring, sterilization, and environmental monitoring. In large organizations, it is integrated into the industrial control system so that the manager may make a fast decision and shut down operations in case of anomalies inflow. 

Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Suppose you have been suggested to install a Thermal mass flow meter by a technical expert. If your requirement is such that mass has to be measured rather than volume of the gas, then this meter is very suitable. In that case, it is appropriate for flow stream measurement of gases, liquids, slurries, irregularly shaped lines, and process ducts. It is inserted directly into the flow stream and uses heat transfer to measure the gas flow rate. 

It is also noteworthy that the thermal mass flow meters have low pressure-drop and extremely low-end sensitivity. The meter can detect a tiny light in a natural gas line. 

However, if your need is only a regular flow meter, you can choose simple flow meters that give approximately 5% accuracy. On the other hand, if you require repeatability and accuracy of 0.5% plus-minus and 0.1% plus-minus, you need a turbine flow meter.