How To Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Windows

Your home’s windows are essential to the house’s overall health and should be properly taken care of or replaced for many reasons, including poor weather protection and energy bill increases. All Weather Seal of West Michigan ensures its customers get the best window replacement possible with their years of experience, expert professionals, and payment plans. They can help you determine the right way to proceed with your window replacement as well as provide you with a wide range of window styles you can choose from. All Weather Seal will help you keep your windows in top shape so you can have a protected home all year long.

Here are some ways to know your windows need replacing.

They stop working properly.


One of the surefire ways to know that you need new windows is that they aren’t working as they should. For instance, they are not closing properly, you have a hard time locking them, or they won’t even open as they’re supposed to. Things like this will keep you from enjoying your home to the fullest as it can be the cause of other, more complex problems within your home. A faulty window can even be a target for things like burglary and vandalism.

You often get cold drafts.

Another reason your windows may need to be replaced is that your home is feeling more chilly than usual. This new, colder weather inside your home can be an indicator that you have drafty windows. Drafting happens when your windows’ weatherstripping or seal around the frames have worn or torn. This can happen because they’re old, and it can also happen when there are high levels of moisture or a lack of regular maintenance.

They tend to get condensed between the panes.


Moreover, you may start to notice that you’re getting more condensation inside your windows. This condensation within your windows between the window panes rather than outside, which some call sweaty windows, can be due to poor insulation. A great way to get rid of this insulation problem is to hire a team of experts like All Weather Seal to correct the issue by replacing your faulty windows with newer and better ones.

You can now easily hear your neighbors.

Another easy way to tell that your windows may need replacement is if you hear your neighbors or outside noise more clearly. Likewise, this can be a clear sign of poor insulation and a window replacement may be needed to reduce noise transfer from outside to the inside of your home. Replacing your windows will help you live a quieter and more peaceful life.

Your utility bills are higher.


Poor insulation in your windows can cause your bills to increase unexpectedly. This can happen because faulty windows can cause your AC or HVAC system to work harder than it has to in order to keep your home at a certain temperature. For instance, during the winter, if you have your furnace on and have faulty or drafty windows, your furnace will have to pump more hot air into your home to reach a warmer temperature as you desire.

Likewise, during the summer, your air conditioner may have to blow colder air for longer to get the house at the right temperature while fighting off the hot air coming through your windows. This will inevitably cause your energy bills to skyrocket every month and makes for a great reason to get your windows replaced.

You just went through severe storm weather.

Lastly, after severe storm weather such as hail, snow, hurricanes, and tornadoes, your windows may have gotten affected significantly. You can notice if this is true in your case if you start getting drafts, poor insulation, and leaks in your windows. Bad weather can loosen your windows’ insulation or even break them, which means they will need to be replaced.

These reasons are meant to give you an idea of what signs to look out for in your home that may indicate your windows need replacement.