The American Muscle car is reasonably definable. You will notice the slope styled roof and the coupe body above all else until you actually drive it. Then it will be the roaring purr of the powerful engine and the pleasing speeds as you cruise along. Though the models are something of the days gone by, people still look to buy these cars and tinker around with modern modifications. So, if you are looking to buy a Muscle car, you have to know what to look for. This guide is filled with useful tips to help you along with the process. 

Browse Around

Whenever you are looking for any car, it is important to browse around. Check out all the platforms you can think of from word of mouth to social media. Everything is worth exploring to get a comprehensive idea of the bigger picture. There is a load of out-of-use models out there because these cars are getting on for 60 plus years old, but there are also lots of very real contenders that might still run like a dream. So, don’t settle on the first thing you see just because it ticks all your boxes. It is always worth having a few options to explore. This process will also give you a better idea of what’s fake and what’s authentic because seeing more is better than seeing less. 

Listen to the Experts

The experts know the best places to look, the best tips on parts, and which models are worth investing in. Experts like Michael Savage New Canaan based resident, have these cars as a primary hobby focus. There is always value in searching out people like Mike to help your journey along, and by doing so you might just open your eyes a little further than expected! Plus, these types of profiles and guidance always tend to have amazing advice founded in pure knowledge and expertise, something you might not find from any old seller. 

Accept a Degree of Maintenance After Purchase

These cars do not run like modern machines. There is a real chance here, in this market, that there has been an amount of decay or wear and tear. Therefore, there is bound to be work that needs doing because of this fact. As well as the sale price, accept that you will have to invest money into getting the vehicle to your expected standard. It is rare to find a muscle car being sold that is perfect, in top condition, and runs like a dream. It’s simply not realistic. So, keep that in mind when factoring in your options as these experts are likely to flag fraud purchases as well. 

Make Sure You’re Looking at the Real Deal

Lots of muscle cars are easily mistaken for other genres of vehicles, and vice versa. A real American muscle car will be authentically American, as that is where they were all manufactured. It will have two large front seats with more than enough space for the driver and a passenger complemented by two small sized back seats which will probably only fit one more person at a push. The boots are long, the body is always coupe style, and the engine should be at least a 6L capacity. Torque engines are a very popular choice for these models, but they are not the only choice. The most popular brands are Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and the ever-famous Pontiac, so if the model is ticking all these boxes it is likely that you are onto a solid purchase. 

Authentic Models May Still Have Red Flags

Despite the hard work you put into finding the perfect American muscle version for you, there may still be some red flags to contend with. If the car has too many repairs to make it run, it is worth staying away from unless you are an expert car technician/mechanic. The bespoke knowledge needed to fix up old cars like these goes beyond modern learning, and while it is a fun process, it is heavily time consuming! Always factor this in. Similarly, if you notice any rust or decay on the coupe body externally, take a step back and decide whether it’s really worth it. Chances are high that if there is rust on the outside, there is rust on the internal parts as well. This damage is often too big to overcome and therefore renders the purchase useless except for display purposes (and to say you own one). 

Muscle cars are less and less present on the car market, but they do still exist. Aim for an authentic seller and always check in with the experts for their top tips and guidance.