How to Keep your Inner Zen in a Wild World?

The concept of zen is directly related to enlightenment and peace. In practicality, zen can also be related to a form of Buddhism that makes individuals focus on being non-judgemental and present in their current affairs. No matter the individual’s take on zen, the one aspect of zen that can be agreed on is the fact that tranquility plays a major part in achieving it. 

However, what happens when the concept of zen gets entangled with the hectic everyday life of the modern world? In today’s world, almost everyone’s daily life is full of constant activity, rush, and hustle that comes into conflict with zen. Which leads us to the question, how do you manage to keep your inner zen in a wild world?

1. Make Zen Practical

Focus most of your practical life actions around the concept of “thinking, saying, and acting.” Before any action happens, it is thought, and every thought stems from an intention. With such practicality and scrutiny over most of your everyday decisions, you’ll be able to “find your zen” in the hectic everyday life of today.

The practicality of such a practice is evident in everyday actions and people similar to, where they not only are able to find their own zen but inspire others to do so too. 

2. Take Some Time For Yourself

You can set up some “me-time” for yourself. The best method to do so is usually waking up earlier than normal and enjoying the quiet hours, where the whole world seems to sleep, for yourself. You can also set the mood for the entire day by meditating during this quiet time at home or performing yoga, basically anything that revitalizes you and keeps your inner zen in sync.

3. Bike Or Walk To Your Destination

You should try to forego your car or the bus for destinations near you. When did you last walk or cycle anywhere? Get up early at least one day a week and rejuvenate your soul and body by cycling or walking to get a cup of coffee. Not only will it fill you up with positive energy for the rest of the day, but you’ll also be more prepared to face the challenges that you’ll get later on in the day. 

Also, that’s not where the benefits end. Walking or cycling will not only help your mental health and emotional state, but it’ll also do wonders for your physical health and allow you to be more mindful and appreciative of your surroundings along the way. 


4. Learn To Let Go

A major part of being in sync with your inner zen is being wholly appreciative of the present moment. When you hold on to anything, it means that you aren’t making yourself present at the moment and embracing it. Of course, unlike in an ideal world, you can’t just forget everything and start anew whenever you want, and this is exactly why you should start learning to let go in small ways. 

For example, you can start off by writing up a journal full of all the things you’d like to let go of, one at a time; whenever you write such a thing, imagine the event leaving you and being locked in the pages of your journal or diary with nowhere to escape as the diary/journal closes.