Diamonds Sparkling

When we buy diamond jewelry we want it to last us as beautiful and sparkling as the first day after using several months and even years.

Knowing how to care for a diamond is essential so that a jewel of this type does not lose its shine or its value. Diamonds tend to pass from generation to generation, so their maintenance will depend on whether they can be kept in optimal condition.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to clean and maintain a diamond. Well, they are very special stones that have characteristics that make them a very resistant piece, but they also need maintenance to remain intact.

The most important

It is normal that with the use and the passage of time the diamonds lose a little of their brilliance. Activities as simple as combing hair, putting on makeup, washing dishes or hands, have the consequence that particles of sweat, chemicals and soap adhere to the diamond.

To help your Diamonds not lose their shine, you should take them to your trusted jeweler Luxuria Diamonds brand for proper maintenance at least every six months. However, if you intend to do it on your own, try to follow the following tips:

Store the Diamonds Properly

Any piece of jewelry that is not stored properly can become damaged. For this reason, you must keep your diamonds in a soft velvet pocket.

When you go traveling, store your jewelry in a bag lined with a piece of soft interior fabric and inside a secured case.

Beware of harsh chemicals

Chemicals found, such as in hairspray or perfumes, can cause discoloration or a reaction with the metal that holds the Diamond.

For this reason, remove the Diamond jewelry when you are going to have contact with these types of chemicals, to ensure that they shine the same as always.

Do not use a hard brush to clean them

Avoid brushing Diamond jewelry, as their composition is so delicate that putting too much pressure could compromise their safety and integrity. To clean it, simply rinse the jewelry piece with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt.

Although they are made of a very hard material, keeping your Diamond beautiful and shiny requires some maintenance. This includes regular cleaning and inspection and necessary care. Learn how to clean it on your own:

For Gold jewelry, soak your pieces in a mixture of warm dish soap. Keep them for 15 minutes and gently scrub all areas with a very soft brush.

To clean pieces with Silver, use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to remove tarnish.

To clean the Diamonds, use ¼ cup of ammonia and a mixture of warm water. Use a soft brush to scrub hard-to-reach areas and gaps. To give them a professional maintenance take it to a deep cleaning service. By following these tips, your diamonds will stay beautiful for a lifetime.