How To Keep Your Camper Cool in the Summer

Summertime is usually when people start planning their camping trips. If you don’t have a plan for keeping your camper cool, your trip can quickly become a nightmare. Here are some camper tips to keep your camper cool and comfortable during summer weather:

Camper Tips to Keep Cool in the Summer

1) Turn Your AC On Early in the Morning

When the sun is out, your air conditioning unit will work twice as hard to keep your camper cool. To make things easier on it, turn it on early in the morning before it gets too hot outside. This way, your AC won’t be overworked, and you’ll still get a steady flow of cool air throughout the day.

2) Park in the Shade

Not all campgrounds have shaded sites, but if you’re lucky enough to find one with plenty of trees, it can make your camping experience much more pleasant. Trees provide natural shade and may reduce the temperature inside your camper by a few degrees. Park in an area surrounded by trees or awnings, and you’ll be thankful when the heat reaches its peak.

3) Use Insulated Window Covers

If you can’t find a shaded campsite, you can still keep your camper cool with insulated window covers. These are made of reflective and insulating materials that will help deflect the sun’s heat. They’re usually straightforward to install and can be left up for the duration of your trip. You usually notice a difference in the temperature inside. You can get them from any local garage

4) Install an Awning

Awnings not only provide shading while relaxing outside, but they also shade your windows and camper door. When these areas are exposed to direct sunlight, they can transfer the sun’s heat into your camper and make it feel like an oven. If you install an awning over them, you’ll help to keep out direct heat.

5) Make Use of Portable Fans

Some campers don’t come with air conditioning units, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the heat. Portable fans are an affordable and effective solution for cooling your camper. Place them strategically around the camper to help circulate air, and you may be surprised at how much cooler it’ll feel inside.

6) Cover Your Camper’s Skylights

While skylights are great for stargazing, they’re also one of the biggest causes of heat buildup. Most of them have little to no insulation, so they let in a lot of sunlight and heat. Cover them with some kind of shade or insulation to prevent heat from getting inside. There are skylight covers on the market specifically designed for campers.

7) Switch to LED Lights

LED lights generate less heat than incandescent lights. That makes them a wiser choice for use when camping during hot days. Before leaving for your trip, switch to LED lights, especially in high-traffic areas like the living room and kitchen. That way, you won’t have to worry about them adding heat to your camper. They also use less electricity and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

8) Unplug Unnecessary Appliances

Any appliance that uses electricity will generate heat, so it’s best to unplug any appliances when not in use. You can keep your refrigerator on because you’ll need it, but unplug other items like the television or your laptop. That will help reduce the overall temperature in your camper.

9) Cook Outside

When the temperature rises and the camper is already hot, don’t add to the heat by cooking inside. Invest in a portable stove or grill, and cook your meals outside the camper. You could also consider starting a campfire and using a fire pit for cooking meals. That will keep your camper cooler and allow you to enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature while you cook.

10) Let Fresh Air in at Night

If your camper is still too warm, consider cracking a window open at night and allowing fresh air to flow through. That will help cool down the temperature inside your camper, giving you much-needed rest during your camping trip. Remember to use a window screen if you are going to keep them open for longer. You don’t want to let in unwanted insects.

Enjoy Your Next Summer Trip in Your Camper

These are just some of the camper tips to help keep your camper cool in the summer. With a little effort and creativity, you can stay comfortable inside your camper despite the heat outside. Enjoy your next trip!