How to Keep Mice from Ruining Your Patio Furniture

Mice can be very destructive animals. They will chew on anything from surfaces and into the actual wood of your furniture, biting off chunks at random to make for easy access to finding tasty food or a place to nest. Mice love warm places with plenty of shelter where they feel safe. This makes your patio furniture a prime target for them.

So, how can you go about protecting your patio furniture from mice? 

5 Tips to Keep Mice from Ruining Your Patio Furniture

1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have a strong, almost overpowering scent to mice. This keeps them from entering the area and finding shelter within it. Peppermint oil is excellent for this purpose. Place a few drops of peppermint oil on the corners of your patio furniture, and the smell will keep mice away. Repeat every few days to maintain the freshness of fragrance.

2. Use Mothballs

Mothballs can be very useful in preventing small pests such as mice from ruining your patio furniture. Mothballs are repellent, which means that they will stop the mice from chewing through the wood to build nests or eroding surfaces with their teeth.

Scatter two or three mothballs around the base of each piece on your patio furniture set. You can also place them under the furniture if you wish. Be sure to periodically check for rotting wood or other hazards caused by these mothballs and remove them accordingly.

3. Clean Regularly

Mice frequently make nests in dirty areas where they feel safe, so keeping your patio area clean and free of debris can go a long way toward preventing mice from ruining your patio furniture. Pick up trash and clear out weeds to reduce the number of places they can live. Shake rugs and mats before placing them back to ensure that no mice are clinging onto them.

4. Block Entry Points

To keep the mice from ruining your patio furniture, you must block potential entry points. You can purchase hardware cloth at any home improvement store, cut it into small pieces, and stuff them into any openings around your patio set.

Be sure that these are tight enough that you cannot see the light through them or feel air coming through the space in between them. Cover all cracks and crevices with either a generous amount of mortar or silicone caulk before sealing them off with hardware cloth for best results.

5. Use Patio Storage Solutions

Finally, to prevent mice from ruining your patio furniture, consider using patio storage containers to hold pieces when they’re not in use. Mice do not like tight spaces where they feel trapped, so keeping your outdoor seating contained in one spot will discourage mice from getting near it.

Patio storage containers are specifically designed with tight lids to keep moisture and critters out. This makes them the perfect solution for storing and protecting your patio furniture when it’s not in use.

This way, you can store your furniture away while encouraging its protection and preservation all year long. No matter where or how you choose to store your patio furniture during times of non-use, be sure that it will provide a safe place for mice to stay away from so that they won’t ruin your outdoor space.

Mice love to dig through the wood of your patio furniture in search of tasty food and a place to build nests. They are also attracted to the warm, sheltered atmosphere your outdoor living spaces offer during colder months. To keep mice from ruining your patio furniture, consider using essential oils, mothballs, regular cleaning, blocking entry points, and patio storage solutions for best results.