The fashion industry is intensely competitive and subject to constant change. It is important for those involved in the fashion and lifestyle industry to have a vibrant social media presence for promoting their products. c. Some practical tips from leading fashion bloggers who have made it big:

Plan Your Instagram Posts 

Planning your Instagram posts is very important as it helps you to stay on track, and eliminate the randomness that can leave your audience confused. By planning your posts, you will not only remain organized but also save a lot of time in getting ready images on specific subjects. Post planning also helps you edit carefully without scrambling at the last minute and compromising the looks. While it can be great to post a picture randomly, by scheduling your posts, you can ensure that they show up in the feeds of users when they are most active. Post scheduling does not mean that you have to stay awake and post periodically to catch your followers when they are most receptive. You can use one of the many Instagram post scheduling tools to do it for you automatically.

Collaborate with Brands and Other Bloggers

Growing your Instagram following all by yourself can take a lot of time and effort, which is why you should always look out for opportunities to collaborate with other Instagram bloggers and brands for mutual advantage. If you are collaborating with a fashion brand, you can access their follower base and engage with an audience that you had not tapped earlier. It is, however, important to seek partnerships with brands that have a good fit with your image and style. Collaborating with fellow bloggers can also be an effective way of getting more followers. It works on a reciprocal basis; you promote them and they, in turn, promote you to their followers. Partnering with accounts that operate in the same niche as you do can be very productive because all have the same interests. It is important not to go wild with the number of your collaborations, instead, it is better to bide your time and choose partnerships that you are comfortable with. Since it can take time to work out the collaborations, you can, in the meantime, buy followers on Instagram, to make your account more attractive to the partners.

Make Strategic Use of Hashtags

If your account is public, anyone using the appropriate hashtag can view your posts. It can, therefore, be a good way of attracting more followers. However, hashtag has to be done carefully as they need to be relevant to your niche, according to Huffington Post. If you use very popular hashtags, your posts will be included among the million others and will, probably not be seen at all by your target audience. On the other hand, using very specific hashtags that have very low search volumes can mean that you can catch the attention of only a few Instagram users. According to research, even though Instagram allows you to include as many 30 hashtags, it is more effective to use only seven to nine hashtags. An easy way is to study the posts published by your competitors or use any of the several hashtag-research tools to find out which hashtags are trending. It can be a good idea to develop your own branded hashtag that you can include in all your posts. However, even though it can significantly help your posts to get more exposure, it can take quite some time and effort to establish it and make it popular.

Engage Your Followers

One of the best ways of growing the number of your followers is to engage with followers and other Instagram users who have the profile you want to attract. When your followers post a comment, they are delighted if you take the trouble to respond, answer their questions, provide clarifications and thank them for their effort. Engaging with followers makes them feel special and more connected to you. When you engage with your followers, the comments can also be seen by their followers, who will also be impressed enough to start following you. Since the Instagram algorithm favors posts with more engagement, the more your users like, comment, and share your posts, the better will be the visibility in the feeds of your followers.


Instagram lends itself very well to fashion blogging because of its visual nature. However, you will be able to build a large following only if you post relevant, authentic, and relatable content in a fresh and original style. Simple things like post planning and scheduling, collaborating with fashion brands and bloggers in your niche, making strategic use of hashtags, using tools like Instagram viewer, and engaging with your followers consistently can help you to acquire more followers.

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