In the workplace, at school, or when doing something that requires an email, you must ensure that it seems professional to catch the person’s attention to whom you will be sending the letter. CMA Consulting offers advice on how to improve your business writing abilities:

  1. Ensure the subject is appropriate, that the letter is not overly informal, and that you always state the letter’s purpose. Make it short and simple because you need to be direct to the point, tell the audience exactly what the letter is about, don’t make it too long, and the body of the letter is like a merry-go-round, repetitive, and nonsense. Just put the essential things on the letter, what are the things you need to discuss, the main thought of the letter, and why you are writing it. Include nothing in the letter about your life’s journey, why you ended up doing it, or any other irrelevant information. Make sure the audience understands what the letter is trying to express with just one glance. The shorter it is, the more people pay attention to it since it does not take up too much of their time; but, if it is too long, they may become bored and lose interest because it takes up too much of their time.
  2. When writing a letter, make sure it is written politely and professionally. Even if you are simply reading something, you can sense the tone of voice of the letter, which is why you should be nice and humble in your letter and write something that the reader will find pleasing. Make sure you did not write the letter as if you were sending it to a friend you speak to virtually daily. Make sure it’s formal and can capture the leader’s attention and feelings.
  3. Make a draft first because you already know the thought, the body, and everything you will include in the letter, so it is better to make a draft first. Take notes of the things you need to discuss, what your reader needs to know, make sure that you only include the critical matter, and then start composing the letter, making sure that you did not forget any essential details to send the letter. Read it out loud, check if there are missing thoughts or messages, or there are things you need to remove.
  4. Use helpful tools because nothing is impossible in using email tools in our world today. It is beneficial, so do not hesitate to use or ask for help from the internet because they are accommodating.
  5. Ensure to check all the grammar, verbs, and English features you will use because it is imperative and will show the professional side of you doing a letter. Make sure to use active verbs and words that are not too deep that even you will not understand the meaning. Make sure to make it simple and understandable. 

According to CMA Consulting, they are offering business writing courses that might help you.