How To Hem Curtains | 2 Ways To Hem Curtains | A Foolproof Method

You have selected a pair of curtains for the room’s window after too much research in the market, and now the chosen curtains are long according to the windows. Or if you are shifting the curtains from one room to another and the window of the second room is shorter, now you are thinking about settling the curtains.

Don’t worry about this; you can easily hem your curtains according to your requirements. Hem curtains is a very interesting task, and everyone can do this without having professional skills. The two major methods of hemming curtains are the sewing method and the non-sewing method. Select any method which is workable for you and start working on the curtains.

Today, I am going to tell you all about hemming the curtains Dubai; methods, tricks, and all the things that anyone wants to know before hemming curtains. Continue reading this blog to learn everything you need to know.

Why Should You Hem The Curtains?

Now the question is, why hem the curtains? The answer to this question is very simple. Curtains need to be hemmed when they are not sized according to the window. The ready-made curtains are normally of regular sizes, but the windows are not. Every room’s window has its own size and style.

Hemming is the only solution to make the curtains according to the size of the window. Hemming the curtains is very easy, so everyone can easily adjust their curtains according to the length of their window. One thing that has to be done before hemming the curtains is to check the fabric of the curtains.

The fabric sometimes shrinks after washing, so read the description of the curtains to know about the fabric. If there is a chance that fabric can be shrunk, then wash the curtains before hemming them according to your window.

Method 1: Hemming Curtains With Sewing Method

The most common method of hemming curtains is the sewing method. Although this method is a bit time-consuming and tricky, it is the most workable method. I am going to tell you some easy steps to hem the curtains so everyone can adjust their curtains according to the size of their windows.


The material that you need to hem curtains are

  • Measuring tape
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Matching thread according to the curtains

Step 1

Hanging the curtains on the desired window is the very first stage in the hemming process. When you hang the curtains, you can easily measure the required length of curtains for the window and how much to hem.

Step 2

After hanging the curtains, pull them down so they can fully extend with no creases. Don’t stretch so tightly that the curtains’ fabric can’t measure properly. Allow some access to the curtain material so that it can be properly measured.

Step 3

In the third step, place the straight pins on the curtains from where they will be hemmed. Before placing the pins, first decide in which style you want to hang your curtains. There are three ways to hang the curtains, such as float, kiss, or puddle.

In a floating way, the curtains have to be 1 inch above the floor. If you want your curtains to hang properly, this is the easiest way to do it.

In a kiss way of hanging curtains, the curtains should touch the floor. This style requires precise measurements, so the curtains hang perfectly. Remember to add the length of the curtain rings to the fabric to get the perfect measurement.

In the puddle way, the curtains have to flare on the floor. This style requires high-density and thick fabrics such as velvet. This hanging style is mostly used in girls’ rooms to give a drapery look.

How To Measure The Hem Of The Curtains?

When you cut the curtains to hem them. There are rough edges that should be hidden to give the curtains a neat look. For this purpose, give a double fold to the curtains from the button of about 3 inches so the curtains look presentable.

Place the pins after adding the length of the folds to the curtains. Such as adding 6 inches to the desired length and then cutting the curtains. I can explain with an example so you can better understand.

Example: Suppose, if you needed 74-inch curtains for your window and found 90-inch curtains on the market, then don’t directly cut the extra 16 inches. Add 6 inches to the curtain’s required length so you can easily double fold them from the bottom.

Now you require 74+6=80-inch curtains. So cut the extra 10 inches. Now you can easily double fold the curtains and get the desired length.

Step 4

One important thing that you need to remember while hemming curtains is that if your curtains are not too long, then avoid cutting the extra fabric. Hem the fabric so if needed, you can shift them to another room and re-hem the curtains.

In this step, use a measuring tape or yardstick to place the pins evenly on the curtains. Many floors are not completely level, so double-check the curtains’ length before hemming.

Step 5

Now it’s time to fold and iron the curtains. Fold the first 3 inches of the curtains equally throughout the curtains, and then place the curtains on the ironing board and iron them at a high temperature, not too high that it can damage the fabric.

Iron will make a fine crease on your curtains. Next, again fold 3 inches to give a double fold and iron it properly. When the ironing of curtains is done, now remove the pins from them.

Step 6

Now we are moving towards the last steps of hemming curtains. In this step, you sew the curtains on a sewing machine or by hand. Sew the curtains on the edge of the double fold as close as you can.

Step 7

After sewing the curtains, it’s the last step to hang them on the window. After hemming, the curtains will fit over the window and look presentable.

Note: Before hanging the curtains on the window, iron the curtains again to give a fine look.

Method 2: Hemming Curtains Without Sewing Method

If you don’t want to follow the sewing method for the curtains for any reason, here is a second option for you. There are two methods to hem curtains anyone can use to adjust the curtains according to the required size.

Note: There are disadvantages to hemming curtains with non-sewing methods because they are permanent, and you cannot get the previous length of the curtains again if you want to hang the curtains on larger windows.

1. Iron On Fusible Bonding And Tape

This method uses fusible bonding tape to hem the curtains. For hemming the curtains by this method, an iron and fusible tape are required. This method has the following steps:

  • Wash the curtains first, before using a fusible product.
  • Measure the length of the curtain, and cut the curtains according to the above cutting and measuring method in Step 3rd.
  • Make a double fold of the curtains.
  • Place the tape between the hem and the double fold of the curtains.
  • Iron the double fold of the curtains until the fusible tape completely melts.
  • Let the glue cool completely so it can adhere to the curtains very well.
  • Now hang the curtains.

Point To Ponder: Never iron the fusible tape directly because it can adhere to the iron.

2. Use Fabric Glue Or Hot Glue

Another non-sewing method for hem curtains is to use fabric glue or hot glue. This is the easiest method, and everyone can do this. In this method, just double fold the curtains and then apply fabric glue or hot glue between the double fold and the hem of the curtains. If you press it, you can easily hem the curtains.

One thing that needs to be remembered is to glue down the small portions and then press because hot glue quickly dries. To get the best results, make portions and apply the glue to each portion one by one.

Keep In Mind: Never use non-sewing methods on sheer curtains, because the glue can easily be visible through sheer curtains and can ruin their looks.


Now you know a foolproof method to hem curtains, so you can easily adjust your curtains and draperies according to the size of your window. I have mentioned both sewing and non-sewing methods, so everyone can use them according to their ease.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Shorter Curtains That Are Very Long?

Yes, you can easily shorten the curtains that are very long. Measure the required length of your curtains, add 6 inches to the length, and then cut the extra fabric. Double fold the curtains from the bottom to hide the rough edges. Use a sewing and glue method to hem the curtains.

2. How To Hem Curtains Without Sewing?

There are two methods for hemming curtains without sewing. The first is the fusible tape method, and the other is the hot glue or fabric glue method. Apply the fusible glue or fabric glue between the double fold and hem of the curtains and the curtains will get into shape and size according to the requirements.

3. What Is The Easiest Way To Hem Curtains?

The easiest way to hem curtains is to use fabric glue with a glue gun on the curtains. Start by measuring the curtains, cutting the extra fabric, double folding from the bottom, applying the glue from the gun between the folds and hem, and pressing the hemming area. Now, the curtains will hem easily.