How to Help Your Friend Get Over Social Anxiety

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift which is why it’s called a present. Such a meaningful description of how and what our life should be every minute of every day. Although the pressure and constraints of life often distract us from this path and health and happiness, pushing us into a deeper well of loneliness and low self-confidence. The year 2020 had such fatal effects on many of us, reducing our confidence and energy to zero and hyping social anxiety and lethargy. Many faced this issue, while many were vocal about it, many stuck to their cocoons not letting their emotions out. You may not know this, but many of your own friends may have suffered from this issue and not spread the word Ben to their closest ones. If you think you have some such friends who might not come out of the closet but are shy to come out of their homely space now. Who loves to live in their rooms and space it’s time you pull them out to the lighting, glamourous world to live life again in wondrous ways.

Gifts for boysyou can choose to tell your friend you loved them then, love them now and will love till eternity, here goes.

  • A flower bouquet

A flower bouquet is a viable option to gift your buddy. Like flowers smell and grow every day, they take along their buddies too. Everything that is near a flower learns from its spirit to bloom and excel, and such influential power every day is what your friend requires to bounce back stronger right about now.

  • A greeting card

Your friend needs to be reminded of the magical being he once was. Losing confidence is okay, but not so much in this fast-paced world. Write a generous and memorable greeting card for your friend with pictures to try to bring them back to the reality that they only see as a hoax now.

  • A day out

You may notice that your friend does not like to spend a lot of time outside with people in a social gathering or even restaurants. It’s all because they have lost their will to be presentable and liked. Bring back their confidence by taking them out, pushing them or ordering and talking with strangers.

  • An explosion box

While we are still on the topic of giving a flashback of the good days to our loved friend and what’s better than an explosion boxto do the same, make one with endless pictures and messages that revolves in every direction but sits back at its place once it’s done exploring, like your revolving friend that requires nothing but stability.

  • Lunch at my favourite place

Take your friend out to your favourite place, may be near your college or the cheapest Maggie place, a high-end restaurant for a couple’s dates. Or to that chaiwala that never gets old. Going to familiar places rings the bell of how they earlier were and would not go get back to it again.

  • Revisit to the memory lane

Taking your friend back to who he was won’t be easy, but achievable when they are efficiently reminded of what they once were. Take them back to places to hang out, make them meet friends, take them to locations where they had their firsts in life, and you may begin to see a contrasting difference to what they are slowly becoming.

  • A group meet

Call all your friends at one place either at their home or someplace out. Spending a refreshing, reminding time of that togetherness and bond with cherish your old memories and will pull out a new colour. Learning to be in a social group again would be good for them and their conduct.