How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

It is no surprise that, after spending a great deal of time and energy planning and creating a podcast episode, podcasters want a large audience. There are some specific steps that podcasters can take to increase the size of their audience. Keep reading for some of the best tips.

Find and Target the Niche

Before growing your podcast audience, podcasters need to identify their target audience. They should pinpoint the people most likely to listen to and benefit from the podcasts.

Research this audience and determine where they live, their interests, and what other podcasts they listen to. Pinpointing demographic data can be helpful, too. Understanding where listeners are active online can be useful for advertising purposes. Podcasters can ask listeners these kinds of questions with an online poll.

Connect With Listeners

Podcasters should work to create a community around their podcast. They can do this by creating opportunities for listeners to engage with the podcast. Social media is one of the best platforms for connecting with listeners. Not only can listeners find the podcast, but it provides an outlet for promoting content.

Podcasters can post about new episodes, use branded hashtags specific to their show, and tag guests, artists, and organizations related to the podcast. Podcasters should regularly comment on social media to keep the audience engaged. Creating additional stories, reels, and videos can also be a great way to target audiences.

Some podcasters like to create a website for their podcast. Listeners can listen to episodes, learn more about the podcast, and get show details. Emailing is another way to connect with listeners. Podcasters can tease about upcoming episodes and add an email subscription button in the email.

Form Partnerships

One of the fastest ways to grow a podcast is to build partnerships. Collaborating with popular preexisting podcasts allows podcasters to tap into an audience and convert them to their podcast. Usually, an ideal partnership includes someone with a successful show with a large audience. They also should share common interests with the new podcast listeners. They should also be willing to accept guests and do guest spots.

Encourage Listeners to Do Something

For a show to grow, listeners need to subscribe to the show, rate it well, and review the show. When someone does all three of these things, the podcast gets a boost.


There are a variety of podcasting platforms available, and creators should upload their podcasts to as many as possible. These platforms include Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Acast, and SoundCloud.

Continue to Improve Quality

Every podcast can improve. Podcasters should look for ways to continue improving the quality of their show. They should work to improve their interviewing skills. Audiences will be happy to tell podcasters how they can improve things.

Improve Podcast Sound Quality

The sound quality in a podcast is essential to the show’s success. Podcasters should choose a location dedicated to recording. They should not have to set up and take down recording equipment each session. A closet or small space can work well because sound can be absorbed and won’t bounce around the room, creating echoes. This allows for less interference and outside noise.

Podcasters should consider getting a condenser microphone. Although built-in microphones on phones and computers are acceptable, a condenser microphone more accurately records individual voices. These come in a variety of prices and can fit most budgets.

Podcasts often grow naturally. However, the above tips used together can help a podcast grow more quickly.