How to Get the Perfect Home

Buying or building a house is one of the most delightful experiences in a person’s life. The best part of building a house is the liberty to make it as per your personal style and need. It is important to look into the details of your home project as this is an investment that will last long or maybe even forever. Creating a home out of a house means understating and catering to the needs and lifestyle of each member of the family. Making a home needs a lot of consideration and planning and executing the plan is an overwhelming job. So, take this job seriously and not lightly. 

Finding and making a perfect home plan may seem difficult but it is not impossible. Though the process looks daunting, a little extra effort and consideration can help you in achieving your goal. It is wise to understand the present and future needs of your family while designing your home. 

Let’s discuss how to choose and select the right home design for your growing family:

The first thing that is important before starting designing or planning your home is to understand that your needs and lifestyle will change with the growing family so it is important to find a home or land that can grow with you. As claimed by the best short distance movers who have extensive experience of helping clients move to their first properties, most of the property owner are at speed with the latest architecture development. 

The Floor Plan/Layout

It is important to have a perfect floor plan when kids are involved. Whether you are having kids or you are planning to have in the future, it is wise to plan your home accordingly. Make sure the nursery is closer to the master bedroom. The layout of your living area and kitchen should be coordinated so that you can keep an eye on your child while cooking. Storage is another big concern; make sure there is ample space for storing goods and clothes. Having a back yard or front yard is a good idea so that kids can have an open play area. Even if you are not having kids currently, it is better to invest in a bigger house for your growing family. 

Although each room of your house should be spacious, the kitchen should especially have ample space. An open kitchen has many advantages when there are kids in the family. Keeping an eye on your toddler or new born is easier when you have an open kitchen. 

Consider having a mudroom to keep the other part of the house clean especially when you have kids. It is wise to make a spacious mudroom with hooks, cubbies, and baskets. Hooks and baskets should be at a reachable height to the kids.

Though a large staircase may sound a little too much, it is needed when you have kids in the house. Make sure your kids’ bedroom is not too close to the stairs. A nice carpet area is recommended

Kids or no kids, having enough natural sunlight and air should be a must for any home.

Kids’ Bedroom

Keeping a separate bedroom for kids is a must and so is the right layout and design of it. If you have an infant, it is wise to keep the nursery just next to your master bedroom. In the future, you can consider this nursery to be transformed into a kids’ room. 

The size of the kids’ room should also be an important part of planning the layout. Make sure that the room should accommodate all kids-related goods and furniture items. Keep in mind that when you have kids at home, there will be other kids and their friends coming for sleepovers. You can keep a bunk bed in their room.

The bathroom is another place of concern when it comes to kids’ rooms. Though having an attached bathroom is a trend now, make sure kids’ bathroom is safe to be used even without any adult supervision. 


Safety should be the priority when it comes to children so pay special attention to fire pits and water pools. Along with internal design safety also make sure that the location of your house is safe so it is better to research the local crime rate before deciding on a location. Consider putting a strong fence around your house especially if your house is located directly on a busy road. Having a safe and comfortable home is very important for kids. 

With all these precautions, having the right furniture around is also a major point that should be kept in mind while buying or designing furniture for your whole household. If you have toddlers in the house, avoid having any sharp-edged furniture items. Consider the option for round-shaped edges and comfy furniture. 


Along with safety, there are many more factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a location for your home. Make sure you have nearby access to a good school, health care centre, and day-care. Consider proximity to parks and other recreational centres as carpools and playdates are common nowadays and kids would love to have their age mates around.