How to get the most out of your Hermès Handbag

When selecting a luxury designer handbag, there should be a few questions that you ask yourself to help identify the best model, colour, and finish for you. The first question to ask is what you’re buying your handbag for. Are you seeking a piece that will transition your outfits from day to night with ease, or do you want an investment piece that will rise in value and that you will hold onto until the time is right to sell?

From there, it’s all about preference in terms of style, size, shape, and structure – as well as colour and the details and features which differentiate the different bags across different collections and brands. With all that said, in this article we’re focussing specifically on the Hermès handbag and how to get the most out of your Hermès piece – both in terms of usability and investment potential.

How to get hold of your own Hermès Handbag

The route to buying an authentic Hermès handbag will depend on what you’re looking for and whether you have connections in the right places, however, for most buyers, we recommend opting for the resale and second-hand markets as these offer the most choice in terms of both models and finishes.

This is because buying a Hermès handbag isn’t as simple as walking into a store and walking out with your bag of choice. Every new model and release of Hermès handbag comes with a waitlist of potential buyers, with Hermès as a brand implementing rules around where their bags can be sold at retail price and who can buy them.

Once a Hermès handbag leaves its original retailer, its value rises exponentially – with those who buy and retain the original untouched condition of their bag often seeing the value of their investment double and sometimes triple right before their eyes. And that, for many, is how to get the most out of a Hermès handbag.

Maximising your investment

A Hermès handbag is undoubtedly a good investment, owing to the fact that the low supply and high demand sparks unrivalled interest in every available handbag. In order to maximise the potential return on investment that you will get for an authentic Hermès, it is crucial that you protect the condition of the bag and keep it with all its original packaging, including the dust bag, box, and any receipts that provide proof of purchase.

When it comes to selling a Hermès handbag to a reseller or boutique company, they will need assurance that you own the handbag outright and that you bought it yourself, and will conduct a thorough check of the bag prior to valuation. All of this ensures that you receive a fair price for your bag and that they are buying an authentic model – so is an important part of the process for investment buyers.

Buying a Hermès to use and enjoy

Of course, you might be looking for the perfect Hermès that you can use and enjoy for your own purposes – elevating every outfit and giving you an accessory which immediately commands interest and denotes status.

There are several things you will want to consider when buying a Hermès that you plan on using, largely relating to the colour and finish of the bag, with Hermès producing and releasing a number of bags in different finishes every season.

Generally, our advice would be to consider the model and collection of Hermès handbags you are browsing if you do plan on using your bag on a regular basis, as there are some specific models which are more usable than others. If you’re keen on finding an everyday Hermès, models like the Constance and Evelyne are stylish without commanding the same high status as the Kelly or the Birkin – with the latter best kept aside for future sale or as a keepsake and physical heirloom to pass to future generations.

All in all, making the most of your Hermès handbag depends on what you are buying for and how you want to enjoy your time as a Hermès owner – however, our biggest piece of advice would be to always retain the proof of purchase, ensure you receive reputable advice and a valuation before any purchase or sale, and always buy from trustworthy resellers and boutiques.