How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom?

Bathrooms with limited space might be inconvenient. Perhaps there is not enough room. Perhaps the room is cramped, making it difficult to unwind at the end of a hard day. You do not have to feel restricted. It only takes a little planning to make that small bathroom appear larger. If you know how to get the most out of a small bathroom then a small bathroom is not necessarily a bad thing. In reality, most homes include at least one small bathroom (usually the powder room) where inhabitants must maximize every square inch. Fortunately, there are numerous options to get the most out of a small bathroom for you and your family.

Ways to get the most out of a small bathroom

For this small space, there are some ingenious solutions. Let us have a look at some practical suggestions to get the most out of your small bathroom.

Use Curved Fixtures to save space

Curved fixtures save space as compared to square or rectangular showers, sinks, and vanities. Installing rounded fixtures in the corners of a small bathroom, on the other hand, can help conserve space. For example, a curved shower eliminates the freestanding edge that protrudes into the room, allowing for additional floor space. A curved pedestal sink foregoes the storage of vanity in favor of more space on the sides and below, giving the impression of more openness.

Where feasible, use wall voids.

In small bathrooms, storage is sometimes an issue, yet big medicine cabinets, shelving, and cabinetry take up important space. Look for hidden storage possibilities whenever available. This could be a built-in medicine cabinet or a vanity with built-in storage.

Built-in niches are another method to make the most of wall voids while still maintaining a contemporary design in the bathroom. Recessed shelves are ideal for storing shampoo bottles and other bathroom essentials in a small shower. Baskets, buckets, and jars can be displayed in niches throughout the bathroom for utilitarian and beautiful storage.

Add wall-mounted Hooks 

You can use hooks instead of towel bars to add more space for towels and cute decor. Hooks for coat racks are not just for the entryway anymore! In a small bathroom, installing wall-mounted hooks allows for more towel storage while also giving the area a rustic, casual feel.

Make use of a vanity that fits into a limited space

In a small bathroom, stay away from a bulky, large vanity. Aim for a vanity that sits on legs above the ground, a sink vanity without cabinets underneath, or a small free-standing vanity with only one or two pull-out cabinets to deceive the eye and make the area appear larger.

Make sure you have enough light.

A light that is too big, too dim, or too bright for the room will not help your bathroom. Sconces beside or above your vanity mirror are a great option for small bathrooms. A flush mount light on the ceiling can also be used to illuminate a small bathroom without overwhelming it.

Best Corner Vanities

Corner vanities are the best if you have a small bathroom but a lot of products to adjust. Have a look at the top 3 vanities corner to get the best out of small bathrooms. 

Corner Vanities From MIMICOCO

Do you have a small bathroom? To make the most of your limited toilet space, think about a nook sink. It saves space on the floor while yet looking stylish. Get your corner vanities from MIMICOCO. ADP Emporia Corner Vanity is 900mm in total height and 600 mm in total depth. Kickboard Vanity Mounting. Top Cherry Pie Premium Solid Surface is only available in Bright White, Carrera, Ice Whip, Sugar Cream, and Calacatta. 

Above-Counter, Semi-Inset, Inset, and Under-Counter basin options are available (sold separately). All ADP Cabinet Finishes are available. ADP premium soft-close graphite drawers. Finger pull with a bevel grip handle option or a variety of handle alternatives are available in this corner vanity from MIMICOCO. This corner vanity from MIMICOCO is the best option for your small bathroom.

White Corner Vanity Cabinet Sink Oak Finish with Faucet Drain and Overflow

The Myrtle Corner Bathroom Sink is handcrafted by master craftsmen utilizing only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Add a touch of modernism, class, and luxury to your home with the help of Renovators, and satisfy your modern-day housing needs. Small sink vanity that is durable and easy to maintain. Sinks that are mounted on the wall save room while yet providing the luxury of a large sink. Scratch and stain-resistant finish made of Grade A Vitreous China for long life and simple cleanup.

Toilet Paper Stand, Toilet Vanity Cabinet Fit for Small Spaces

The set, which includes a narrow bathroom cabinet and a corner shelf stand, is ideal for small bathrooms since it gives plenty of storage space while also allowing you to artistically organize all of the things that accumulate in your home. The bathroom stand is ideal for storing toilet paper, while the white nightstand is ideal for storing small goods, photos, antiques, or decorations. The toilet paper organizer is ideal for small spaces in any room; the little shelf stand is ideal for storing toilet paper.

VASAGLE Floor Cabinet, Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Cabinet with 3 Tier Shelf

With this enormous bathroom cabinet’s many storage options, you will be able to organize your bathroom’s sea of toiletries into a well-organized collection in very little space. You will be able to store toiletries of various sizes with ease thanks to an open shelf on the top and a cabinet below. The smooth white paint and high-quality metal fittings will light up your bathroom for years to come. This multifunctional bathroom storage cabinet is a good idea for your small bathroom.


Bathrooms are difficult to get right at the best of times, but small bathrooms present a unique challenge since when space is limited, it is much more important to get the design and arrangement just right. No matter how small your space is, we have compiled lots of small bathroom ideas to get you started. We have also mentioned some best corner vanities with large storage capacity to get the most out of small bathrooms.