How to Get Started on Your Fitness Journey

In a time of pandemic lockdowns and social distancing, it can be challenging for many of us to lose weight. However, it is essential that we do, as carrying around too much extra weight increases your risk of numerous serious health conditions.

If you have been putting off starting a fitness journey, then it is never too late to improve your health by shedding those unwanted pounds. Check out some of the below tips to help you embark on a new journey towards better health and improved self-confidence.

Set Clear Specific Goals

If you’re ready to start your fitness journey, the first and most important step is to set clear, specific goals. It’s important to have a clear timeline and plan in place before moving forward. Take a few minutes to sit down and think about what your goal is: do you want to:

  • lose weight
  • gain muscle
  • increase your general health

Once you clearly define your goals, it’s time to create a plan to get there, including figuring out how many times per week and what type of exercise you should do, the types of meals and snacks you should eat, and the amount of rest you should get to reach them.

Find an Activity You Enjoy

Getting started on your fitness journey starts with finding an activity that you enjoy. This can be anything from:

  • running
  • biking
  • rowing
  • swimming
  • weightlifting

When you find something that you truly enjoy, it will be easier to stay motivated and track your progress. You can start working out at home. To ensure you are doing something that you enjoy, set realistic goals, starting with small commitments such as walking for 15 minutes every morning or doing burpees in intervals during commercial breaks when you watch TV.

You also want to make sure you have the necessary equipment, such as a comfortable pair of running shoes or weights for weightlifting. Talk to a personal trainer or fitness instructor to help you get started on the right track. Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. Any physical activity is beneficial, so celebrate each accomplishment!

Track Your Progress

A successful fitness journey starts with setting realistic goals and tracking your progress. It is best to start slowly and set manageable goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and trackable. Tracking your progress will help to keep you motivated and on track.

Start by keeping a log of your exercise routine, including what exercises you did and how you felt during and afterwards. You can also use a fitness tracker or smartphone app to record your workouts, track your heart rate, and other measures of your progress. Additionally, it is important to measure your progress in terms of body composition, food consumption, and energy levels.

All of this data will allow you to see where you started and how far you have come. Taking the time to track and review your progress will provide an important source of motivation to keep you on track with your fitness journey.

Start Your Fitness Journey Now

Start your fitness journey now and be proud of yourself for taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Doing so will not only improve your physical appearance, but also your mental health and well-being which carries many benefits.

Take advantage of the available online workouts, diets, and programs, and start on your path to success. Don’t wait, take the plunge and start your transformation today!

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