How to Get a Contractors License

Are you a roofing contractor interested in getting your license in a new state, or you’re simply curious about what’s involved in the process, 

Will provide all of the information you need. We’ll go over the licensing requirements for each State and what you can expect during the application process. 

So whether you’re just starting in the roofing field or looking to expand your business into new areas, In this blog post, we will provide you with information on how to get a roofing contractor’s license. So, keep reading for more details.

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Why Do I Need a Maryland Contractor Licence?

Some states require a license to be a contractor, while others only require it for certain types of work.

The Maryland Home Improvement Commission handles regulating general contractors and handymen in that State; they control all aspects from registration with local authorities, insurance requirements (which vary by county), bonding processes, etc., 

There will be no paperwork issues to worry about or delay – just contact them directly.

Require licensure for the following work:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Door installation

To get a general contractor license in Maryland, you must pass an exam. Just like getting your driver’s license!

Contractors are often required to meet certain experience or education requirements before starting.

Licensure ensures that only qualified and knowledgeable individuals work as contractors in your State. 

It also protects you from having unqualified people work on your project or facility, leading to poor quality products at best and serious health risks at worst!

If an unlicensed contractor works on a home improvement project, they commit a crime and may have a criminal past.

The Licensed Contractor Fund has helped homeowners in need of quality skills. With this protection, licensed contractors are more likely to get positive reviews from customers and promote their business throughout the community!

Exceptions to Licensing Requirements

A few specialties don’t require licensure and another kind of license altogether.

Many projects do not require a licence, including carpet installation and cleaning. However, if you offer related services, it is important to get the appropriate certification.

Installation of carpet doesn’t require a license, but you would need one if you install wood, tile floor, or roofing.

General contracting jobs included “home improvements” in Maryland. If you plan to work on home building projects, you must notify the Attorney General.

Licensing General Requirements

  1. Two Years of Experience

If you want to get a contractor’s license in Maryland, here is what you need to do. There are requirements before applying for it, though, so read more about them below!

You must have two years of trade experience or comparable educational training before taking your exam. If you’re a veteran, apply relevant military service to the requirement! 

There are no continuing education requirements after getting licensed, though, so don’t worry too much about keeping up with all those new rules right away.

  1. Financial Solvency

Financial solvency is the State’s way of ensuring that you can handle your business liabilities. The three things they look at are personal assets, liabilities, and credit report/net worth;

To make sure there isn’t anything preventing them from being able to do so if need be with a surety bond or an Indemnitor (a responsible person who guarantees another party’s performance).

  1. Conviction Records for Related Crimes.

Conviction records are important when it comes to determining an individual’s character. 

You should always be aware that conviction records may come up during your background check, and you will likely need them for any future job opportunities, so make sure they’re accurate

  1. Registered Trade Name

To protect your business idea, you’ll need to check with the Commission and register it. 

The Department of Assessments & Taxation will issue a certificate once they’ve approved both registration details and more information about how best to utilize their services!

  1. Liability Insurance. 

When accidents occur, you will want to be protected. General liability insurance protects in case of property damage, injury, or third-party accidents.

The State of Maryland requires that you maintain $50,000 worth of insurance when your application is submitted. 

It could save you from paying out-of-pocket costs if something happens and prevent damage or loss for oneself and other parties involved in a business venture with whom one does not share financial burdens accordingly (such as customers).

Take the Licensing Exam

To pass the 55 questions on the test, you must demonstrate your knowledge and skills. 

You will need at least 70% of the correct answers, so preparation plays an important role here! Start by taking this short quiz along with some personality assessments.

While it may seem like a lot of time, taking this exam will set you up for success in the future. You can apply to take PSI’s examination by paying $63, which is the only viable option if one wants a business license!

For More Information About Taking the Test, Please Contact:

Send Us Your Application, Fee, and Personal Financial Statement

When you submit your application, it’s a good idea to ensure that all the requirements for getting this license have been satisfied. 

These include passing an exam and securing business insurance coverage before submitting any paperwork or paying fees associated with applying for one in Maryland – which can find here on their website!

You must also send application fees. An additional $250 fee applies to additional locations, but the license fee for a new, single location is $370.

  • $250 Application Fee
  • $100 Guaranty Fund Assessment
  • $20 Processing Fee

Renewal of Your License Is Required Every Two Years

Losing your license would mean you would have no access to doing work in this State! Fortunately, each license lasts for two years before renewal and payment again. 

The State sends out notifications 60 days prior so that we can take care of any last-minute questions or concerns regarding expiration dates- j just email them back with whatever info they request (date issued/expired)

You Are on Your Way to Success with a Maryland Contractors Licence

You can do so much to be successful as a business owner. Sometimes, though, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day! 

But by following these steps and getting licensed with Maryland’s contractor’s board, you will have prepared yourself for success because now your customers will know. 

They’re getting quality work from an experienced professional who knows what he or she needs to provide them too- step one accomplished.

Wrapping Up

Getting a roofing contractor’s license can be daunting, but with the help of our team at TQR, we will make sure that you have everything you need. 

We’ll go over the licensing requirements for each State and what you can expect during the application process. 

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help!