How to Fix Corrupted SD Card- Methods of SD Card Data Recovery

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card- Methods of SD Card Data Recovery

As we move towards the digital world and everyone like to store the important things into the memory card as compare to any hard form. The SD card is the basic thing that should always work best. Sometimes due to many reasons, it will be uncorrupted and do not able to show the store data for a long time. SD card is used to store multiple files under one Place the files may be pictures, music, videos, important documents, office details, and many others. However, here the main question is that how to recover the files from corrupted SD cards, ways to recover sd card, and what is the reasons behind its damaging.

What are the Signs of SD card Corruption?

SD card is one of the inexpensive and reliable ways to store files with full privacy protection. The SD Card will never damage unless it goes through any hard situation. Another hand the most difficult work is to recover the files from SD cd without knowing the main reasons. This card is damaged due to some big and small issues. So try to know the reasons first and then recover them.

  1. When it is unable to format the SD card. This card is damaged and never active for reformatting then the SD card will corrupt.
  2. A black screen appears and comes with your SD card request is unable to process and it may be damaged.
  3. All or some of the media files do not show in the SD card storage. It means the SD card has some major damage issues.
  4. Memory card error and corrupted memory card notification will give you a hint as your SD card is not active to perform well.
  5. The user receives a message as your SD card is unexpectedly removed for use.

Methods to Recover SD Card Data

Do not need to be a worry. If your SD card is corrupted them just know some methods and try to recover the card. Here are some methods.

  • Unhide the Hidden Files from corrupted SD card

When you will get a hint as your SD card will corrupt and damaged then just unhide the hidden folders and files. The Hidden folders and files are difficult to recover as compare to the unhidden from damaged SD cards.

  • Choose New Drive Method if your SD card is Corrupted

When the SD card is not working well and give the sign of the damaged card then just choose an alternative method that may give you chance to store data. To attach the SD card with a card reader to your PC as compared to the direct attachment.

  • Use Window Troubleshoot Feature

Yes if any other method does not work for the corrupted SD card then the window troubleshoot method is the best way. Just click on this feature and try to know the reason for the damaged SD card. With this feature, the user will surely know the other issues related to the memory card, hard drive, and computer as well.

  • Use Drive Error Checking Feature

The window shows and drives the error check-in feature that a user can use to check the internal and external memory card-related issues. With this feature when we know the reasons then it is easier to solve the problem.

  • Use SD card Recovery Software

If nothing works and you do not know how to recover the files from the damaged SD card then the last step is the use of recovery software. The recovery software is well developed for use. With this software, the data will be safe and recover without getting any problem.

So do not need to be worry if your SD card is damaged. Just know the reasons and signs then try to use the mentioned method to recover the data. Hope so you will get back the data within time.