How to Find the Right Streaming Equipment

Streaming has become increasingly popular over the years, with new platforms rising. Starting a new streaming channel takes hard work and dedication but can pay off handsomely. Learning about the equipment necessary for streaming will assist new streamers in getting started and seeing success. 

Understanding the Basics

Learning about the basic equipment people need for streaming is essential. Companies like Epiphan make live streaming much easier and less of a headache. The following are the primary pieces of equipment necessary for streaming, whether it be live or pre-recorded. 

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Live streaming software

Having the above equipment is a bare-bones approach to streaming effectively. The setup can be as simple or complex as a user can afford, but everything needs to work synergistically to ensure the broadcasts are clear, understandable, and do not drop the connection. 

Tips for Finding the Best Streaming Equipment

Research becomes essential when people start a streaming channel. Often, new streamers feel overwhelmed because they are not knowledgeable about the available equipment and what they should search for when making purchase decisions. The following information offers insights that will help new streamers select the best streaming equipment for their needs. 

Select the Type of Device

There are two basic kinds of streaming devices available. Set-top boxes are popular and simple to use. The main drawback of these devices is that they are more stationary and not as easy use remotely as stick options. Stick-style streaming devices are like plug-n-play electronics. These devices go anywhere and are simple to use. The device a streamer chooses will depend on their needs and whether they stream more at home or on the go. 

Get the Highest Broadband Speed

When it comes to choosing equipment, new streamers must consider their broadband speeds. The highest broadband speeds are essential. Streaming requires a robust Wi-Fi speed to prevent lags. If the speed is lacking, dropped connections are going to become problematic.

Streamers need a connection of at least 25 Mbps. If streamers are connecting via Wi-Fi, they should also ensure their router is up to speed and offers the highest levels possible. 

Consider 4K and HDR

Today’s audiences demand higher resolutions than ever. While 1080p used to be the norm, 4K and HDR have taken over. Should a streamer desire a 4K HDR stream, they will need a higher broadband speed. Streamers will require at least 25 Mbps to stream in 4K. 

Decide on the Best Features

Features matter when it comes to streaming. When choosing equipment, streamers need to ensure they seek the following features so they can stream effortlessly and gain audiences. 

  • 4K HDR capability is critical for any streaming equipment. All major streaming platforms are offering viewers content in 4K HDR. Streamers need to get on board with the latest technology to be successful. 
  • The setup needs to be simple to avoid stress for new streamers. Complicated setups are only going to cause headaches. Select Wi-Fi-protected set up for the easiest setup process. 
  • Choose the right connections. Make sure the connections work with the equipment to avoid problems that can become a hassle. Just remember that legacy connections are harder to come by, so this may mean more updates. 

No equipment is perfect, but streamers need to ensure it is simple to use and gets the job done. With the best equipment, streaming will become a joy that pays off.