How to Find Affordable Housing in NYC

In the United States, sky-high rents have become the norm. According to, the national average monthly rent for one-bedroom apartments was $1,561 in 2021, while two-bedroom rentals were $1,861. When you consider that the annual median salary in the United States was $35,997 in 2019, that’s a significant sum of money. We haven’t even looked at the cost of living in major cities, where residents hope that higher-paying employment would compensate for the $2,000 to $3,000 monthly rent payments they make to their landlords.


The more you advertise your search, the more people will respond. You can always mention a range or use terms like “on a budget” if you don’t want to divulge your particular pricing point. Join¬†NYC roommate finder¬†websites such as Diggz, or, and consider placing a Craigslist ad for roommates. Include your budget, preferable neighborhoods, a little something about yourself, and what you’re searching for in a roommate in these posts.

To keep secure, avoid responding to anyone who requests for money or personal information, as these are red flags. To ensure that the person is genuine, request various social media account connections from him or her. Before meeting up, you may set up a video call.


Download real estate apps to keep up with the latest listings. Checking them regularly is a good method to cast a wide net because each has its own set of listings. It will be a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for, as you will be notified instantly with any new listing. When thousands of other people are looking for a location, even being a few minutes ahead of them can make a big difference.


Even if you plan to share the space, finding affordable Manhattan Real Estate is incredibly tough. More offerings at competitive pricing can be found in less popular but nonetheless dynamic neighborhoods like Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Sunset Park, Kensington, and Inwood. Examine the location of laundromats, parks, and grocery stores, as well as the crime rate and the location of the nearest metro or bus station. Visit. You might possibly find someone who is a suitable match for you.

Improve credit score

Most landlords will run a credit check once you submit your application.They use it as a gauge to see if you’ll pay your rent on time, and if your credit is bad, they may reject your application. As a result, bad credit makes it more difficult to obtain a desirable location. It can also be costly.

Before leasing you an apartment, the landlord may ask for a greater security deposit or an extra month’s rent. Focus on improving your credit before looking for an apartment if you have bad to average credit. Pay your invoices on time, keep your debt low, and keep credit inquiries to a minimum. It may take some time to build solid credit, but you’ll increase your chances of finding a low-cost apartment or avoiding unnecessary fees in the end.