How to Find a Unique Harley Davidson in the CVO Line

Every Harley owner loves their bike. For some people, though, the idea of upgrading is always at the forefront of their minds. In recent years, serious motorcycle enthusiasts have been flocking to the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited line not just because it’s considered the gold standard when it comes to features but also because these bikes are fully customized.

What Is the CVO Line?

The Harley Davidson’s CVO line is part of the company’s Touring lineup. It is considered a super-premium bike, and each one is crafted by the experts at Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations division. The best of the CVO line are the Limited and Ultra Limited, but every Harley-Davidson CVO bike has its own unique advantages. Find out about what factors to consider when looking for a new Harley-Davidson CVO premium bike below.

Pricing and Options Packages

While both CVO Limited and Ultra Limited models are considered premium motorcycles, they differ in terms of both options and price. The price for the Limited starts at around $40,000 but does not offer any ability to customize the bike. The Ultra Limited price range starts much lower at around $26,400. However, most riders take full advantage of the model’s paint and finish options and other upgrades.

Bike Dimensions

Although the CVO Limited and Ultra Limited have identical wheelbase lengths and steering geometry, which means they handle similarly, the CVO Limited is heavier. With all of the added equipment that comes standard on this model, it weighs in at 940 lbs versus Ultra Limited’s starting weight of 896 lbs. In most cases, the extra 50 lbs will not make or break a buyer’s decision.

Features and Standard Equipment

Both CVO models have an impressive amount of premium standard equipment. The Limited and Ultra Limited both feature cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and a wireless security system. In terms of entertainment packages, both have a 6.5″ color touchscreen and infotainment system with four speakers. However, the CVO Limited boasts 6.5″ speakers that get 75 watts per channel, while the Ultra Limited has 5.25″ speakers that get only 25 watts per channel.

Engine and Transmission

Every Harley-Davidson bike features an impressive engine and transmission system, but the CVO models go above and beyond. The Ultra Limited comes standard with Harley-Davidson’s Twin-Cooled Twin Cam 103, while the Limited comes with the Twin Cam 110. The former delivers plenty of power, but the latter features an extra 10 lb/ft of torque.

New or Used?

The CVO line has been around for a few years, which means that riders will have their choice of buying new or used. Most riders interested in upgrading to a CVO Limited or Ultra Limited do so because they want to take advantage of the fact that the line incorporates all of the newest designs and performance features. However, Harley-Davidson’s CVOs are built to last with rugged frames and highly advanced engines, which means used models are usually still in fantastic shape.

Where to Buy a Harley-Davidson CVO

The best place to find a new Harley-Davidson CVO Limited or Ultra Limited motorcycle is at a reputable dealership. Because these bikes are truly limited-edition, it’s rare to see them being resold. However, a good dealership will offer buyers the greatest range of both new and used motorcycles, sometimes including those in the CVO line. Call ahead to find out what’s available for a test ride at a local Harley-Davidson dealer.