How to find a job in Britain and which jobs are most in demand

Which jobs are most in demand? The day before, the labour market in Britain was showing organic growth. Forecast annual growth of the labor market was 1.3% – 2.4%.

However, recent months have changed everything. Dan Storm, head of analytics at the BBC, notes that the average number of current job searches until June was around 100k a day, the number of new CVs created by users was at 25k – 30k/day, the number of CVs sent was at 80k/day.

First of all, it concerns enterprises in sectors which provide elementary daily needs of population – trade of products, pharmaceutics, transportation of various cargo, people, humanitarian aid, etc.

The most popular professions today are:

  • salesman;
  • cashier;
  • driver;
  • working professions (bakers, craftsmen, loaders, turners, etc.);
  • Medical and pharmacy personnel.

What about salary

According to experts, employers will not be able to increase wages in the near future. First of all, this is influenced by – the need to contain the price of products, the exchange rate of the pound, the complexity of logistics and the possibilities of the economy.

The only profession, which has seen an increase in salaries, is drivers, with an increase of 25-60% compared to the previous period.

In general, today’s salaries are 10% lower than before. The average salary is £1,430.

According to the site’s analysts, a significant proportion of companies have paid their employees their salaries for February, there is a certain percentage of companies, especially from the IT sector, that have paid employees a month’s wages in advance.

How to find a job in Britain

First of all you need to soberly analyze the situation in which you are now. If you are in a relatively safe area, the first thing you should do is get registered at the Employment Centre.

However, right now the State Employment Center has not yet recorded a surge in unemployment. More than 56,000 Britons have recently joined the register. Two-thirds are women, and most of them are immigrants.

If you do not want to register for unemployment, you can use various websites and Telegram channels. One of them is the job and opportunity website Debut. This internet portal allows you to find a job through a developed Android and iOS application.