During the winter months, thick jumpers and coats can help you stay covered up to beat the cold weather, and you might even indulge in some comfort foods to cheer you up when it’s miserable outside. Over this colder season, you might have decided to take a break from certain aspects of your beauty routine or even find that you’ve put on an extra couple of pounds over the festive period. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but as the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious about stripping back the layers for the summertime. If you want some tips to help you feel more body confident this summer, here are a few that might work for you.

Take Care of Your Skin

Skincare is very important no matter what the time of year, but it’s always lovely to have a gorgeous glow when the sun is shining and you’re wearing your best garden party outfits or hanging by the pool! SPF protection is a must, and you can also purchase moisturizers and make-up that contains this protection already, which adds another layer of protection even if you are already wearing sunscreen. Remember, always cleanse your face each morning and before you go to bed, and remove all make-up before you sleep if you wear it. Moisturizing after your shower or bath will also help your skin to stay soft and beautiful for longer.

Try Laser Hair Removal

As mentioned previously, you might not have bothered so much with waxing or shaving your legs when wearing your winter clothing, but if you are going to be showing off your legs, bikini line when you go swimming, or other areas of your body that you prefer to be smooth and hairless, your hair removal rituals will need to start again. Waxing, shaving, and even using certain hair removal creams can sometimes be painful and irritate your skin, not to mention these treatments can be time-consuming, too. Laser hair removal will still require appointment time and can cause mild discomfort, but many people have found this to be a more comfortable treatment for hair removal, and it lasts much longer. Search online to find the best laser hair removal experts near you and book in for a consultation. 

Eat Well

Again, this is something that you should strive to do no matter what the season, but if you don’t want to feel bloated when you’re sunbathing on the beach, or would like to feel more energized and confident in your figure, then eating a nutritious and balanced diet will make a big difference. Everyone has a different body shape and natural size, but if you maintain a balanced diet, you will look your best naturally and be looking after your overall health. 

Experiment with Different Styles

Finally, it’s amazing how much your clothing choices can affect the way you feel about your image and what styles flatter your figure and those that don’t. Experimenting with your style, including accessories, hair, and make-up, can help you find the perfect look that makes you feel amazing every time you step out the door. This can help you feel even more excited to spend those long summer nights sipping cocktails with your friends and having adventures in the sun. 

If you want to feel more body confident this summer, consider the tips above.