Driving is not just about starting the ignition of a vehicle and moving it from one place to another. There are safety factors that are involved, so proper driving skills and discipline should be learned. Whether you are using a manual or an automatic vehicle, driving demands that you have a sense of direction and dedication. 

Fortunately, there are a few techniques that you can learn, and that beginners who want to drive should understand, and here are some of them.

1. Ensure that you are familiar with your vehicle

Start by knowing your vehicle, and every one of its controls. While this is a very simple and basic thing, you should never ignore it at all. There are varied components that perform different roles in a vehicle, and these components are operated with the help of buttons, knobs, and levers. It’s of essence that you know what each of those controls does, where they are located and other crucial issues about them. Among the important controls that you should know about include seat adjustment controls, AC controls, wipers, handbrakes, washers, and headlights.

2. Choose a better driving position

After you have mastered every control that your vehicle offers, you should move ahead and look for a very comfortable driving position. Remember that driving is a hectic and cumbersome task that requires you to be mentally and physically fit. Make sure that you are ergonomic and seated upright. You should make sure that you have the best seating controls for your driving.  Slide the keys forward to enable you to reach the pedals and you can depress the clutch down without straining your legs. Ensure that your legs are not folded or cramped. Also, Settle for a height adjustment that makes you comfortable to sit in a great driving position.

3. Adjust the car’s mirrors

The mirrors should be adjusted to help you look behind the vehicle, and are among the most vital safety features that every vehicle can have. Make sure that they are positioned to help you look at what is behind you. Generally, you can use mirrors to enjoy the rear view and inside rearview and offer the extra eyes that you need to cruise without hesitation.

4. Carry important documents

As a new driver, you may tend to get excited and forget the important documents that are required of a driver. Make sure that you are carrying all the necessary documentation with you all the time. If you are caught driving without the necessary documents, the financial cost that you can suffer is huge.  Find out what documents are required from a driver in your region in Australia and avoid getting into the wrong side of the law.

5. Follow traffic rules

As a beginner, you should be on the lookout for road signage and follow every other applicable driving rule. This will ensure your safety and that of the people around you.  Following traffic rules also saves you from the huge fines and the penalties that those who break the rules are forced to pay.