How to Dress Retro: 13 Vintage Essentials to Add to Your Wardrobe

Every girl has different trusted items in her closet that you turn to repeatedly to finish that pulled-together look. A good purse, a nice sweater, a cropped jacket—these classic vintage styles can often trace roots to icons of vintage fashions.

Most of those wardrobe basics reminisce fashions of the twenties—when Chanel introduced comfortable, practical, and flattering clothing for women. Many of such pieces are still as stylish as they were back when they debuted.

You see, real vintage clothing made by fine fashion designers can be seen at vintage shops or online. However, you can also find stunning items based on these designs in your all-time favorite shops. These wardrobe staples turn up in most fashion magazines and catalogs every season, reinvented by designers J. Crew to Prada in this season’s colors, updated sizing, and sophisticated fabrics.

  1. Thong sandal

Thong sandals are back and highly coveted among the fashion style set. Flat and heeled versions came from Marni’s bamboo-adorned versions on the runway to Givenchy’s minimalist take. The Ginza flip-flops from The Row have built a cult following, but strappy heeled versions are still the most elegant interpretation of the retro style trend, ranging from kitten heels to seventy millimeters and up.

  • Golden touch

The slipped look is another high-octane trend for leveling up your summer closet, as seen on Saint Laurent, Celine, and Bottega Veneta runways. Golden clothing and accessories are inherently glamourous and extravagant, but they are far simpler to wear than you may think.

For the summer months, that is all about the offset for that simple-chic vintage style. Further, a sequined blazer or top is unexpected when downplayed along with denim, similar to a chainmail bag or a strappy stiletto.

  • Tinted sunglasses

The 70s were popular for oversize sunglasses, but its tinted lenses of the time have made their way into our contemporary-day closets, particularly in more rectangular frames. Every day women during that period were looking for new ways to take their looks to the next level.

Today, as we reemerge after the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an unfounded resurgence in oversized and tinted sunglasses like the one from the Timeless Marciano Eyewear 2021 Collection.

We are all tired of the same brown or black colored sunglasses. Thus, it is time for an upgrade with those subtly colored glasses. It’s a charming trend that’s gaining a lot of popularity day by day.

  • Bucket hats

Leave it to the renowned fashion houses such as Giambattista Valli, Dior, and Prada to bring back the classic bucket hat and lift it to the maximum. Vibrant colors and sportier versions abound, but we are partial to muted prints and colors for a sophisticated look.

  • Vintage t-shirts

The work-from-home shift has noticed workplaces adopt a more casual approach to ‘office’ wear and uniforms. As rules have relaxed, more casual options of business wear are accepted. That means a massive increase in popularity for peculiar vintage shirts.

You can get a patterned shirt, which will be the envy of your colleagues, and guarantee you dominate the center of attention on the next team call.

  • Puff sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves have already been here for quite a while and appear to be gained an even bigger audience in 2021. Such sleeves come in different types—the balloon, the Juliet, the leg-of-mutton, and so much more.

No matter what variation you’re going for, this specific statement piece will look the ideal blend of classy and romantic.

  • Scrunchies

Do you still recall those times when you watched movies from the past and stared at those scrunchies with a cringe? Well, those days are gone because scrunchies have returned for all the right reasons!

  • Wide-legged pants

When you think of a pair of wide-legged pants, the first thing that comes to mind is often formals. However, thanks to the upgraded styles, this flowy garment has become a big part of people’s daily wardrobe.

This garment could be worn in many different seasons, from wool to denim. Also, you can see some of your favorite celebrities loving and nailing this trend. Whether you are going for a night out or a brunch with your besties, wide-legged pants are your best way to go.

  • Bandanas

The nineties head accessory has legally made a comeback! Folks are not just wearing these as head accessories, but they also wear them as a top! Others also found so many ways of wearing them.

If you’re looking for a great option, check out They offer a variety of personalized custom bandanas that are perfect for winter hikes. Plus, you can customize your order to ensure you get the perfect fit.

  1. Baguette bags

What images come to your mind when you hear the term Baguette bag? For us, it’s Carrie Bradshaw’s purple Fendi baguette. The features of this 90s bag include a shoulder-length strap, a rectangular body, and zip closure.

This bag is better than ever, thanks to new upgrades. It’s stylish, chic, and is the ideal size to carry everything.

  1. Silk scarves

Even though the French invented it, silk scarves are most popular in the Italian fashion industry. This vintage style has made a comeback this year and is now cherished by all people.

  1. Velour tracksuits

Paris Hilton is the first thing that comes to mind when considering velour tracksuits. She used to wear them no matter where she went, whether on red carpets or shopping. Today, they are back in a massive way.

That 2-piece has become a favorite among many celebrities, from Bella Hadid to Jacqueline Fernandez. It feels like we are transported in the early 2000s, don’t you think?

  1. Biker shorts

Princess Diana’s gym looks in the 1990s have been an inspiration for biker shorts, but the Kardashians are one of the reasons why this vintage clothing returns in fashion. This piece of clothing is comfortable, chic and adds to your overall cool-girl aesthetic.

Final thoughts

Styling vintage and retro outfits that come off as trendy and do not contradict modern fashion rules are challenging. If you like to look effortlessly trendy in vintage wear, you can use the tips above in this guide to make fashionable throwbacks that do not look outdated or costume-y.