How To Draw A Bow


Not everyone who hunts can draw a bow. Knowing how to draw a bow is the key to success for your hunting. Drawing a bow, or better put, archery skills require training for a person to be good at it. In as much as you should get a professional to assist, here are five steps you can learn to be a better “warrior.”

Five Steps You Can Follow to Know How to Draw A Bow

It is a common saying that “training leads to perfection.” Hence, you only need to carry out the following processes over and again as a novice to be a professional hunter. The steps are as follows and sequential to the next;

  1. Stance

Your stance is as important as drawing a bow. Your stand will determine if the alignment will be harder or easier. You may need the assistance of an expert to put you through how to stand appropriately. Also, your stand determines flexibility and strength.

However, you can follow this process below;

  • Open your legs slightly
  • Push your string-side foot towards the target
  • Align shoulders a little

These steps may come with a little discomfort, but over time, you will adjust and get better at it.

  1. Hook

As an archer, you must know how to hook your bow. You can get the best bowhunting gloves to make hooking easier. You need to place your hand around the bowstring.

There are two options of hook for you – shallow or deep. They both have their cons and pros.

A shallow hook requires that you hold it closer to your finger for fast release. However, your main knuckle is not close to the bowstring. This applies more and uncomfortable tension to your effort and string hand.

A deep hook is more relaxed because there the bowstring is between your proximal and distal joints. Nevertheless, the release may not be so pleasing to you because of the distance between the string’s path and your fingers.

  1. Draw

This is another important process in archery. You can wear stretching leather gloves to make drawing easier. However, it is important to know that the back is involved in this activity.

There is no particular way to draw your string. However, the commonest styles are angular and linear. The angular is common in America, while the linear is common in Korea. Still, the back is necessary for any of the patterns you have chosen to draw your arrow.

Fig. 1 – A lady drawing an arrow

  1. Execution or Expand

There are three options for execution. They include;

  1. Pull
  2. Push
  3. Pull and push

As a beginner, you may start with learning how the pull. You can use the clicker for this. You need your body to push through the clicker. Your shoulder should be expanded for this purpose. The truth is combining both efforts is more effective.

  1. Follow-Through

Just like any sportsperson who has thrown a ball or javelin will follow through to know its destination, you should do the same with your arrows. This makes it easier for you to gather arrows that fall off-target.


Being detailed in archery is about following instructions. Either you want to follow this article or see online videos, ensure you follow the instructions to the latter. Perfection is an achievable feat.d