When you think of designing a water park, you will need to put in a lot of thought and planning to make it attractive for your prospective clients. Several water parks are already in business. Hence when you make a new water park design, you will need to ensure that it offers something more than what existing water parks offer. Designing a water park will require you to consider various factors. This includes the location, the theme, the slides, the security, entertainment, and so on.

Listed here are the key considerations that will help you to plan and lay the right foundation for your water park and make it attractive for your customers:

Get the Basics right – Location, Size, Layout

The location of your waterpark impacts your overall customer reach. Having a water park in the nearby vicinity of the city ensures higher footfall. Along with the location you will also need to determine the size of your water park. Also while deciding on the location and size, you must consider the location and size of water parks of your competitors. To make the water park attractive for your clients ensure that you select a location that is easily accessible and has all amenities in nearby areas. Also, you will need to make sure that the layout of your water park is easy to understand for clients. It should have an easy entry and exit. Ensure that your water park offers convenient parking spaces.

Designing the Theme – Get the Creative’s Right

This is the crucial part of designing your water park. You will need to study what themes are already in place in other water parks. After all, you don’t want your audience to witness repetitive themes. Let your creative team bring in new ideas. Define what your water park aims to offer the prospective clients. Think what theme you can opt for, beachfront, or animal and birds’ life, or water life around the slides, and so on. Consider adding spaces for retail outlets and food joints. Ensure that the overall theme is attractive for kids as well as for grownups. Your waterpark should offer slides and other attractions to all age groups. Also consider that not only families, tourists, corporate office groups, and college friends will visit the water park. Hence your water park should have something for every target audience.

Rides & Recreational Activities

This is the most crucial factor that will define your water park. You will need to add stylish, unique, and high-performance rides to catch the audience’s fascination. Think of adding the longest slide with different variations to be the center of attraction of your water park. Be it the wave pool or water slides, design the water park in such a way that it complements the theme as well as the functioning of the park. Bring in the right mix of water slides with surf rides, tidal rivers, and adventure rides. Add other fun elements for the audience to have a wonderful experience both in water and out of water. Incorporate technology, add action and skill-based rides, coaster slides to make an amazing experience for the teenagers. Design the water park in a way that offers amazing appeal with water rides, wave pools. Ensure that wave pools provide sustainable waves at a consistent level for an enjoyable experience. Leave open beach spaces for families to set up cabanas or lay chairs to relax while kids enjoy the rides.

Right Builders and Slide Manufacturers

Whether you are adding a new feature or expanding your existing water park or making a completely new water park, you will need to have the right water park builders. Consult several water park builders before finalizing the builder. Discuss all the elements like landscaping that you would want to add to your water to make it more attractive. One must also discuss the time frame as well as the project costs with the design team and water park builders. Also, leave space for future expansions so that you can keep bringing in new innovative rides and other amenities. Get in touch with water slide manufacture and discuss the theme of your water parks with them. Keeping the theme in mind, you can ask the water slide company to customize the slides and wave pools for your water park. Discuss the color scheme for the series of rides and other wave pools.


When planning a water park construction you will need to create a comfortable and enjoyable space for a breathtaking experience for the clients. Ensure that not only the water park has fun-filled slides and pools, it also offers the clients a clean, convenient and safe environment to spend the day. While getting the water park builder, ensure to find someone who has proven experience in the industry.

Invest in expert designers and engineers to design and customize your dream project.  Careful planning and the addition of innovative new water slides, pools, coasters, and fun elements will go a long way in making your waterpark stand apart from others.