How to Decline a Job Offer Amiably?

For a fresh graduate, the first job always brings a bundle of happiness in his or her life. Besides this it is a very difficult job to know how to reject a job offered by an employer and make your path clear for further opportunities. Here are some important ideas made by the Australian assignment Writers, where you will learn the crucial factors related to a rejection of job letters.

It is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with the employer. If you don’t have any idea how to decline a job offer then gather necessary information from the tips written below:

1.    Prepare your letter and send it immediately:

You should not take much time to prepare your letter and send it as soon as possible. As you have made up your mind to reject the offer, inform them without any delay. It will help the employer to continue the hiring process and find another one for the post.

2.    Always maintain courteousness and modesty:

There may be various reasons that made you decline the job like – the attitude of the boss, environment of the office, office hours. No matter what the reason is, never share your opinions with anyone in this professional field. It may lead to great loss in future.

3.    No need to provide too many details:

Your rejection letter should not be descriptive. It must be brief. Don’t add unnecessary information to make it lengthy. While writing, always maintain your politeness, positive thoughts and professional attitude.

4.    Prefer online samples before writing:

Before writing, gather information from the samples available online for free. With those points add your own opinions and personal details briefly.

5.    Always use edit and proofreading option before entering the send option:

Before sending, check your letter twice to make it error free. You can use proofreading format before sending it to the employer. For avoiding any convenience, first send the mail to yourself to check if it is working correctly or not.

While you are declining a job it leads to the door being closed for you in future. Maybe the situation changes in the future or you may make up your mind to work with them in another post. If you follow these tips properly, you don’t need to worry about how to reject the job offer skillfully.

Some necessary guidelines to decline your jobs over telephone:

Of late most of the professionals try to contact with the employees over phone calls and email. So it would be the best idea to send a response through these. We have already discussed how to reject the job offer through mail, now we will discuss how to decline it through phone calls modestly.

·       It would not be a wise decision to call the recruiters at the beginning of the office hour. Try to call them during lunch break or at the end of the office hour, when the working pressure remains less.

·       Greet them properly. Start the conversation by asking, if they are busy or not, and continue your conversation by asking if you have called at the right time or you should call them at the time they will be free.

·       After exchanging some basic courtesies, show your gratitude for choosing you for the post and how grateful you are for this and slowly come to the main point of rejecting the proposal along with your valid reasons. While speaking your tone must be polite.

·       Don’t forget to apologize to him or her for not accepting the job offered by him and mention that you wanted to inform him/her immediately.

·       At the end thank him/her and exchange basic courtesies and disconnect the call.

·       If you found your recruiter not replying over the phone, leave a message with your name, contact details and the post you applied for and tell him/her that you would call back after some time.

·       It would be a silly idea to reject the job offer through a message. Don’t do that.

While declining a job offer over telephone you should be smart and polite to handle the whole matter skillfully. Otherwise it may prove you rude and impudent. So you must sound smart and steady while talking over the phone.

Declining a job offer over Emails:

While composing a mail always keep in mind that:

·      The subject must be – “Job Offer – XYZ Company”

·      A professional greeting must be there

·      Your gratefulness for the job offer

·      Describe briefly why you are declining the job offer

·      Lastly, add your signature and contact details at the end.

Still you have doubts while writing a rejection letter?

Most of the students don’t know how to reject a job offer. They feel tensed thinking, how to inform the recruiter. To avoid such problems you may contact with our professional experts with the Programming assignment help experts and learn necessary tips and guidelines to make your letter flawless and informative.

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