How To Create Orientation Day For A Childcare Center

With a new calendar year approaching, you will be welcoming new families to your childcare center. Whether you have already registered to capacity, or are still accepting new learners, you have to start getting ready for the orientation day for new parents. Orientation that is perfectly planned helps to make sure that long-term relationships with families are developed, and this ensures that the learners can achieve success at your center.

Here are important things which you can do during your orientation for new families and which can set them up for success.

1. Greet every family and make them feel welcome and at home

The center director with senior teachers should be there to help welcome new families and their children. Ensure that as soon as every family arrives, there should be someone to welcome them, answer their questions and provide proper directions about what needs to be done. And during this era of covid, there should be a member of staff who can help them sanitize before they enter the building. Prepare name tags for parents and their children, as this will help to make the daycare center staff identify both their learners and their parents by name.

2. Help parents know each other

It is your duty as the director or senior staff of the daycare center to help in breaking the ice and let parents start talking with each other. As soon as you have parents interacting, they will create a community and develop a sense of belonging to their program. When parents talk with each other, they will develop an engagement, and this will assist in setting the tone for the entire orientation.

3. Let families know what to expect

New families that are coming to your childcare center for the first time may not have an idea about what to expect during their first day in school, or even a few days before. The director of the center should ensure that parents are provided with information about what they need to know, and this can be in the form of a video, slideshow, or a speech. Your presentation may cover a variety of things that include introducing your staff, the background, as well as the teaching values of the center, and an overview of the curriculum

4. Take new families on a walking tour

Let new families know different parts of the center, and also let them appreciate the facilities that you have for use by their children. Walk the parents with their loved ones around, and this will help them know what their children’s everyday chores will look like. Remember to have a key staff who can explain to the parents the role that different parts of the classrooms play in the creative development, cognitive and gross motor development of their children.

5. Follow up with the families after the orientation

During the orientation, there will be a lot of information to be shared and this could overwhelm the families. You must send them a follow-up message that emphasizes the most important details of the orientation. You can also include the orientation photos in the email, and families will be excited to have their children stay their academic journey at your daycare center.