How to create new hype around a product

TheJujhar Punjabgroup is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Ludhiana. It gets hated by the chairman S Gurdeep Singh, a Pioneer in the Indian transport industry. The group has an enviable position in its market verticals and an impressive customer base in growing sectors, broadband, entertainment, news, media, real estate, infrastructure, and Hospitality. With its roots in Punjab, the group has a sound network of companies with a shared mission and values aimed at making life easier. It delivers quality offerings and reliable service across 150 million touch points. From bringing a myriad of TV channels to enabling high-speed internet, the Jujhar Punjabgroup offers essential goods that make life easy. It tells about some of the ways to create hype around products.

Tell a story about the brand.

You need to ensure that product does not just launch. But, it blasts the space. Let’s talk about the ways leaders use social media to get there. How can you make sure that the product launch makes more than a ripple on social media? It does not get limited to creative hashtags. But you need to be creative with promotional deals as well. You can be narrative and it’s a powerful way to get people engaged with your offshoots before they hit the shelf. You can use social media to tell stories about the ways everyday businesses and folks.

It is not just interesting but is an innovative way to showcase your new product line. For more inspiration, you can check out the page of Jujhar Punjab group. It will help you grab the attention of followers of individuals and businesses you are showcasing. It’s not bad though. Brand’s willingness to collaborate with his community is an endearing quality. It allows the brand to establish authenticity on a brand level and product level. Do you want to make sure that the product gets the buzz it deserves? You can get to learn about the approach followed by the jujhar Punjab group and schedule your next campaign.

Use video teasers.

You may also use video teasers to get your audience buzzing on social media. It’s a great way to set a vision for a new product while staying within the theme of your brand. You can publish content to all major social media platforms with a dashboard. It allows you to engage with customers and analyze the result.

Focus more on users than products.

Rarely do you hear S Gurdeep SinghTalking about the features of the product? Standing on the page, he doesn’t push the speed of the broadband. He knows that people mostly don’t care. The ones who do can easily find information on his website. Instead, it’s better to talk about how the product affects you. It’s about productivity and simplicity and style, and he knows things that people are interested in. When you launch a product, you are excited about the ways your product pushes the envelope. Though you may think people will have the same notion, it doesn’t happen.