Art NFTs are all over the news these days. They are even more popular than cryptocurrencies. What are they? Why are they so trending? How can artists get the most from NFT? If you want answers to all these questions, the following information may be somewhat helpful for you. Moreover, it provides you with detailed instructions on creating NFT art and making money on it.

Non-fungible tokens are digital data units. Each of them possesses its own unique digital signature. The main peculiarity of any NFT is its uniqueness. Every token is one-of-a-kind. It can’t be exchanged for an alternative variant of equal value.  

There are only several steps you should take to create an NFT art. The great news is that every artist has an awesome opportunity to become a creator of famous non-fungible tokens.

7 Steps to Create NFTs Online

The process of creating non-fungible tokens is not very difficult. Yet, it may take some time. There are 7 significant steps.  

Step 1: Buy ETH or ADA.

Everyone who has ever tried to google how to create NFT art knows for sure that buying crypto coins is the first step that should be taken. The thing is, NFT is based on blockchain technology. No wonder you need digital assets to create non-fungible tokens. Next, you are to create your exchange account. There are copious platforms that may please even the most demanding users.   

Step 2: Create your own digital wallet.

You need to store your top NFT collections and cryptocurrencies in one place. For example, the best solutions for beginners are Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Enjin, and others.

Step 3: Place crypto coins on your digital wallet.

After creating your wallet, you are to deposit crypto coins on it from your exchange account. It’s better to use ETH.  

Step 4: Connect the wallet with a proper marketplace.

The next step is to select the platform where you will create tokens. The chart of the best marketplaces includes OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway.  

Step 5: Start minting.

After you register on a proper marketplace, you can download the pic, meme, video, or audio file you desire to mint. Then, you are to press the button “Create” and wait until the process finishes. It may take some time.   

You should keep in mind that minting is a rather energy-consuming process. Thus, you have to be ready to pay the so-called gas fees. High gas price is one of the most significant barriers for artists to sell their work online.

Step 6: List your NFT coin.

If your goal is to earn money by selling NFTs, you list your tokens. This procedure is not free. Fees you have to pay may vary from platform to platform. You are to choose the most appropriate solution for you.  

Step 7: Grab the profits.

Finally, you are to receive profits from your NFT collections. 

The number of available new NFT collections is increasing instantly. You may visit the website to get acquainted with the ranked listing of the best tokens you may buy or invest in. At the same time, you are to realize that it’s possible to sell almost any piece of digital art and earn your first million (OK, it’s better to start with smaller amounts). Therefore, it’s high time to participate in the NFT art creation process!