How to Create a Personal Style: 3 Tips for Men

Despite all gender stereotypes, men care about their appearance as much as women do. Like women, men want to express their personalities through their fashion choices. Moreover, they want to ensure their looks perfectly reflect who they are and what they stand for. Unfortunately, unlike women, men don’t have so many resources available that could help them find or develop a personal style. 

Here are three tips for men looking to cultivate a personal style.

  1. Combine Functionality with Style 

Most men prioritize functionality when buying clothing and accessories. They want durable, practical items. Although this is a perfectly reasonable approach to shopping, there are other aspects to consider. Functional items don’t have to be dull. You can always find an elegant or stylish item that provides all the functional features you need without making you look old-fashioned or boring.

Do you need a new hat? Why not get a stylish hat that protects you from the sun and showcases your values and personality too? These Marine Corps hats bring you functionality in a cool form, so you can feel proud of your look. 

  1. Consider Your Lifestyle 

When looking to develop a personal style, start by analyzing your lifestyle. Your social and professional environment will affect your style, whether you want it or not. If you spend most of your time in a formal corporate setting, your style must match your environment so you can fit in. Your workplace may limit your style choices, so keep this aspect in mind. Having to adhere to a dress code often stifles creativity. However, you can choose to separate your professional persona from your personal life. 

Try to ignore the rules of your social or professional environment for a while. What style do you prefer? Do you like wearing suits and silk ties? Or would you always choose jeans and t-shirts, if given the choice? Some men prefer a classic, elegant look. Others want to look casual and easy-going. What are your personal preferences? After reflecting on your preferences, think about how you spend most of your time. Which style would fit your lifestyle? 

  1. Follow Fashion Icons 

Fashion is a visual art, which is why not every person likes or understands fashion. If you’re not a very visual person, it can be difficult to tell how two pieces will go together or how a clothing item would look on you. Most men don’t realize that cultivating a personal style doesn’t mean you have to invent it. It’s perfectly reasonable to model your style after fashionable men you admire, whether your friends or Hollywood celebrities. 

If you struggle to develop a style, find your inspiration by reading more about various fashion icons, dead or alive. Spend time on social media and observe what your well-dressed friends have been wearing on various occasions. Follow celebrities like actors, musicians, or athletes you admire. Doing so will help you define your preferences and understand how you want to look and be perceived. 

Your style can impact your self-confidence. Follow our tips to improve your look and stand out no matter where you go.