How to Create a Better Customer Experience

There is nothing better for your business than a page full of five-star reviews. Your goal is to get a highly recommended rating from every customer who takes a survey so that when potential customers research your company, they are drawn to do business with you based on the positive experiences of past or current clients. In today’s competitive markets, it may be hard to stand out and attract the shoppers you need. Happy clients who share their stories can help your company shine brighter than the rest. Here are some ways to create a better customer experience that leads to happy clients. 

Offer Payment Options

When customers are ordering products or services from your website, they need to have payment options available so that no matter what form of payment they have, you can accommodate their preferences. Being able to offer a variety of forms in a user-friendly format, explaining what the options are, such as what’s ACH payment, gift cards or credit choices will empower your customers to use whatever form is best for them. Making the checkout experience easy, understandable and convenient completes the purchase experience with the best outcome possible. 

Supply Multiple Contact Sources

Your website should contain a section that includes a way for customers to contact you. To create a better customer experience, this section should supply multiple sources for your clients to choose from, such as email, phone numbers and social media that they can reach you at any time of the day or night. If you cannot supply staff to be reached 24/7, arrange after-hours availability in the form of social media message centers that you can respond to during business hours. Always supply some form of engagement with your customers, even if it is automated so that they know they are important to you and that you will communicate with them. 

Schedule Consistent Training

Some of the best reviews you will get are from clients who had problems that were solved with the help of exceptional employees. To ensure your employees have the tools necessary to create highly satisfied customers, schedule consistent and informative training that keeps moving the knowledge base of your customer service providers forward. Listen to what your employees say they need to make their jobs better for the customers they serve and make their suggestions happen because a happy employee leads to a better customer experience. Every industry changes with time and you must keep your employees up-to-date with the trends associated with your field to stay competitive. Training could be refining practices already in place or teaching new techniques being introduced in your market. In either case, your employees need to be in touch with what is happening in your industry by the leaders in your company. They have to be trained to be problem solvers so your customers don’t have to wait for answers when they call in. 

Make Visibility a Priority

There are a variety of ways to stay visible in your market so your customers have a constant reminder of your service and repeat purchases. Retaining customers is the goal of every business and being active with emails and social media can keep you fresh in your clients’ eyes. This should be a priority because it nurtures growth and increases positive customer experiences. Creating short videos, newsletters or other forms of engagement can provide your clients with reasons to visit your website and will keep them coming back to your company. Being attentive to the feedback you receive from your posts will help give you direction for changes you need to make to keep happy customers.

Creating a better customer experience is all about connecting with people in ways that are easiest for them. This includes payment process, customer service engagement and public visibility. Give your employees a reason to smile and they will have the power and determination to make your customers smile, too.