How to Coose the Perfect Coffee Blends_ 5 Key Points!

To brew a delicious cup of coffee, what is the main thing you need? The best coffee right! Whether you are using ground coffee beans or Nespresso compatible pods, or instant coffee, using the right ones is necessary. And all of these start from sourcing your coffee from the right beans and plants. There are three types of coffee- Arabica, Liberica, and Robusta. Mainly coffee manufacturers use Arabica beans. But some do prefer adding a bit of Robusta to their coffee. Next, they also decide if they want to keep their brand’s coffee light roast or dark or medium. All this makes it challenging for buyers who feel confused as to which one they should buy. And now, to add to this mix, there is one more thing to consider- whether to purchase single-origin coffee or coffee blends? 

Coffee lovers can find a perfect coffee, but even they are stumped when it’s time to choose the correct coffee blends? So, in this blog, we will give you pointers on choosing the proper coffee blends.

Before that, what is a coffee blend?

It is exactly what it sounds like it is a blend of different coffees. Coffees can be from different countries or different regions of the same country. However, it takes a lot of research and work to blend different coffees to make one awesome coffee. That is a challenging job as it also ensures that no single origin coffee can match the taste of this coffee blend.

How to choose the best coffee blend? Tips 

Tip 1: Check the roast date

Roast date is an imperative marker that can help you buy the best coffee blends. Whenever purchasing any coffee blend, ensure that the roast date is not extremely old. See the packaging for the roasting date or best before so that you can enjoy its best flavor from till three weeks of the roasting date. You do not want to use it after three weeks because it loses flavor quickly.

Tip 2: The flavor profile of the coffee blend

All coffee blends have a unique flavor profile. Some can be smooth & sweet, while others can be complex & acidic. The flavor depends on the roasters and what flavor they are trying to get into the coffee blend. Thus, to find a coffee blend that suits your taste, you will have to go on an adventure. You will need to determine which one suits your palate. One way to do this is to go to your favorite café and taste a few blends. If you like one, ask the barista about what all coffee types are in it, and you can recreate that at home. Or look for a roaster that sells a blend with all that flavor you loved.

Tip 3: The origin of the blend

Which country’s coffee do you like the best? Is it from Kenya or Brazil, or maybe you love the taste of Ethiopian coffee? Whichever countries flavors you love should be part of your coffee blend. Sometimes the packaging of the coffee blend has this information. If there is not, make sure you ask the roaster for these details. Otherwise, you will never be able to find a blend that you like and love.

Tip 4: Values of the roaster

It is a great tip when looking for the right coffee blends. A few years back, coffee blend roasters used low-grade or old coffee. It has a massive effect on the taste and was also a scam for the customer. Thus, look for a roaster whose value coincides with yours. Someone who will use the best beans and will provide all the information about the same. Do not buy a blend that is hesitant about providing details, as it is a red flag.

Tip 5: Get whole beans

Coffee pods also come in coffee blends, and if you have that, you do not have to worry about stale coffee. However, if you buy coffee beans, make sure you get whole coffee bean blends. That will ensure that it stays fresh till it is time to grind and brew them.

How many of you love coffee blends more than single-origin coffee? We personally like to use both as both have distinctive flavors and qualities.