In recent times, guest posting is something that is helping online website owners tremendously. From bloggers to high-level organizations and businesses, it is considered the modest Search engine optimization practice. It is applicable for all niches, businesses and websites. Conveying your message to a large number of people has always been challenging. But it’s not that difficult now. By using some SEO friendly Social media strategies like guest posting can help you see the fruit of your labour in a while. 

What is a guest post?

A guest post or guest blog is an article that is written for some other companies. In simplest terms, it means that the writer composes the similar content of their niche for other websites. It will increase their audience back to other websites. It sounds like a counterproductive task to compose content for someone else’s website .Guest posting services Hence, you can use the time to create content for your own blog. But it’s not actually the way it sounds; posting on someone else’s website that already has traffic can give exposure of your website to a large developed community.

If you want to do guest posting, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  1. Determine your guest post goals:

Be aware of the goals that you want to achieve through this guest post to make the foundation of this strategy. So, the most initial step is to outline your goals. You should always be niche specific and your targets should be set.

  1. Find & qualify for guest post sites:

The next step is to find the websites that are posting the same content as your website. It increases the authority of the Content and brand. Contact them and ask them for guest posting. If they agree, head towards the next move. But before, discuss all the details with them clearly and honestly. Ask for their requirements and tell them your ideas. This will create a good impact on your collaboration. As a service provider, CREATIVE is a platform that allows you to guest post and much more. 

  1. Create an attractive topic:

You only have 3 seconds to grab the reader’s attention. That is why this is a major step. Always create a topic that is attractive, interesting and informative to the readers. The topic should always be trying to deliver some message. It would be something that everyone really wants to know, not something that everyone knows already. Keep the wordings simple and use what, where and how more. As it is found that people are more likely to click on blogs where topics are named in the form of questions.

  1. Compose & publish quality content:

Only rich quality content can be ranked top on SEO. Make sure to compose content by doing proper research. It should be unique and accurate, and that is informative as well. Then publish this article on another website by adding your website link in it.

  • Never be over promotional in the guest posts.
  • Always recheck and proofread your composed content.
  • Just stay focused on the quality of content and accuracy.
  1. Be patient! Track the Results:

Remember to wait for the results. We all know, nothing happens overnight. It takes time to gain an audience and rank your website. Just keep checking for progress and one day you’ll get your desired results.

How can it gain your website with an audience?

Guest posting is a worthy strategy to gain more traffic online by composing content and posting it on someone else’s website. It boosts up your website audience in varied ways like:

  • You’re introduced in front of a fellow blog audience. It raises awareness about your message that you were trying to deliver to people.
  • If you’re providing good content on your website, people will surely come back to check it. It is vital to build authority in your industry to gain popularity.
  • When you guest post, your website link is mentioned at the top or at the end that can boost up your website SEO ranking.


When your website doesn’t have traffic, it can not profit you in any way. So posting on other websites can earn you good profits. Guest posting is a successful and absolute way to gain good benefits for a long-term period. Every process requires a specific time period. Don’t be overwhelmed and wait for your time to come. Keep maintaining your website. So whenever some person clicks on your website it should be visualized in the best way that will keep the readers to come back again and check the future posts as well!