How to clean vinyl upholstery?

Vinyl upholstery can be very delicate to clean, depending on various aspects such as fabric type and materials. A professional must observe those factors before choosing the correct upholstery cleaning method. You must consider every vinyl upholstery piece unique and provide the proper care. The best way to maintain and clean your furniture is to get an upholstery cleaning service in Richmond. Professional cleaning services ensure the best for your belongings with the proper detergent, special equipment and professional cleaning process. Upholstery is a precious material in your home, and professional cleaning in Richmond will enhance its lifespan and make your investment worth it. This post will detail the cleaning process you should expect for your vinyl upholstery. 

Material requirement 

Your cleaner must use specific and adequate cleaning products to process the best cleaning for your vinyl upholstery. After checking all your pieces that need to be washed, the cleaner will determine what product will be the best for each piece of furniture. You may expect your cleaning agent to use mild soap or detergent, water, a soft cloth or sponge, a soft-bristle brush, distilled white vinegar and commercial vinyl cleaner. 

Step-by-step cleaning vinyl upholstery method

  1. Vacuuming or brushing: removing loose dirt and debris is crucial before applying any detergent. By utilising this action, you remove any debris that could scratch your vinyl upholstery during the cleaning process. This step prevents potential damage while taking off the main dust. 
  2. Inspection for stains: determine if any specific stains may need special treatment, such as pet accidents or wine that could leave a pungent smell. 
  3. Cleaning solution preparation: mixing some mild soap or detergent with warm water will be the most basic cleaning solution. Distilled white vinegar can be applied to stubborn stains and specific commercial cleaning solutions. 
  4. Testing phase: your cleaner may apply a bit of cleaning solution on your upholstery on a small surface to ensure the correct dosage and compatibility with your material. This method will prevent unwanted damage to your pieces. 
  5. Clean the Vinyl upholstery: with a soft, specific soft-bristle brush, your cleaning agent will gently scrub the vinyl in a circular motion with the cleaning solution. Stains or soiled areas will need more attention and time to ensure they get perfectly cleaned. 
  6. Rinse with clean water: the cleaning detergent will be wiped away with a specific sponge. Your cleaner must rinse their sponge as much as needed to remove any soap residue on your vinyl upholstery. 
  7. Drying phase: it is a crucial step as the perfect drying of your upholstery will guarantee its optimal condition. With designed drying equipment, your cleaner will remove excess moisture and help it dry. It will prevent moisture and mildew growth. 
  8. Inspection phase: Your cleaning agent will proceed with an inspection to ensure the optimal cleaning of your vinyl upholstery. If any stains resist the cleaning, they will find a way to remove them. 

Prevention and maintenance 

To keep your vinyl upholstery at its best and enhance its lifespan, you must start by taking care of it regularly. You should avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or brushes with stiff bristles to clean it. Use professional cleaning services regularly to prevent dirt and stain accumulation instead of trying the DIY method. Experienced cleaning technicians know their job perfectly and will save you time and effort while preserving your impeccable vinyl upholstery. They will provide excellent services in case of an emergency like a pet accident that can leave irreversible damage. 


Cleaning vinyl upholstery is a cautious task that you must proceed with if you want to keep your items in optimal condition. Call the right professional cleaning company for the best result.