clean laptop Keyboard

A laptop is a thing which is used to achieve different tasks related to studies, business and sometimes to the fun. We mostly do other jobs while working on laptops, such as eating and drinking something, and we touch the keyboard with the same hands, also drop the food particles on it.

As a result, the laptop gets dirty, especially the keyboard because you left the food particles on the keyboard from your oily fingers. And through the crumbs on the keyboard can be stuck inside the keys and make it difficult to type. The situation can be worst if you don’t make a habit of cleaning the keyboard. Now, if you wonder how to clean the keyboard, we are here to solve the problem.

A quick way to clean the laptop keyboard

Don’t panic at the time of cleaning the laptop keyboard. It’s a simple procedure, and you can do it at home easily. 

  • First and foremost, shut down the modern laptops for stock trading and unplug them as well. However, if the moisture gets inside the keyboard, it cannot be harmful.
  • Now slant the laptop upside down and smoothly shake it to empty the keyboard from every extra crumbs and dust. By doing this, you can proceed to the next step, which will be easy now.
  • The next step is to spray on the keyboard with compressed air. Make sure to attach the straw to the compressed air can before using it. Tilt the keyboard from one side and spray on the keys. Keep the burst short and take it from one side to the other.  
  • After that, clean the keys with a damp microfiber cloth. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, then use any lint-free cloth to wipe it. 
  • Now take the cotton balls and dip them in alcohol to remove the remaining stains and grime on the keys. We are suggesting using alcohol because it dries quicker than water. One more plus point is that alcohol cleans oily dirt effectively.

A quick way to disinfect the laptop keyboard

After cleaning the laptop keyboard, if you are unsatisfied and want to disinfect the laptop, follow the method mentioned below.


Disinfecting the laptop keyboard is as easy as cleaning the laptop keyboard. Arrange your favorite disinfecting liquid and apply this on the laptop. But make sure not to use the liquid directly on the keyboard to avoid any damage. First, take the liquid on the cotton the then disinfect the keys with it. To disinfect the inside area of the keys, take disinfecting liquid on the cotton swab and disinfect the inside space.

Cleaning the laptop keyboard is quick and straightforward, and you can do it at home easily. You don’t need to hire an expert for this purpose so don’t invest in the simple process. It will also help you to learn new things. Try to avoid eating and drinking while working on the best laptops for nursing students and make a habit of cleaning them after a month. You can also visit