In a survey published in November 2021, only 50.7% of participants said they knew how to clean dentures. About 4 in 10 also reported cleaning their dentures only once daily. Even worse, over 12% did not clean it once a day!

Unfortunately, a lack of denture cleaning can lead to more oral problems. These include bad breath, gum infections, dental cavities, and more tooth loss, to name a few.

So if you’re about to wear dentures, it pays to know how to clean them properly.

Read on, as we’ll tell you what you need to know below.

Prepare Your Cleaning Area

Fill your bathroom sink about halfway through. Alternatively, you can place a towel in the sink. Doing so can help protect your dentures from damage if you accidentally drop them.

Rinse Your Dentures

Remove your dentures and give them a thorough rinse using room-temperature water. Please don’t use hot water, as this can cause your prosthetics to warp. Likewise, avoid icy water, as it can make the dentures brittle.

Clean Dentures With a Denture Brush

Whether you have expensive or low priced dentures, clean them only with a special brush.

A denture brush is a cleaning tool specifically designed for dentures. It often has two separate brush heads. One is for cleaning smooth surfaces; the other is for difficult-to-reach areas.

A denture brush has bristles softer than those of a typical toothbrush. They also feature a design made to fit a denture’s unique shape.

Use a Denture Paste

Regular toothpaste products often contain abrasives that are gentle on natural teeth. However, they might be too harsh on denture materials, including resin and metal. For example, they can scratch and weaken your oral prosthetic device.

Thus, please only use denture paste for safe and proper denture care. This product contains cleaning solutions that are safe and gentle on denture materials.

Before cleaning dentures, soak your brush in water for about 30 seconds. This helps further soften its bristles.

Place a pea-sized amount of denture paste on the brush. Then, apply gentle pressure on the denture brush as you clean away. If you brush too hard, it can result in scratches and even increased microbial growth.

Use a circular motion during brushing, as this helps enhance cleaning. Pay particular attention when removing stuck or left-over denture adhesive.

Soak Your Dentures Every Night

For optimal denture maintenance, you should brush them twice daily. Then, come night, soak them in a glass of room-temperature water.

You can also purchase a mild denture-soaking solution to keep them moist. They’re available as cleansing tablets. Researchers say they’re more effective than water in reducing biofilm and bacteria.

Smile Dazzlingly With Clean Dentures

Clean dentures are crucial not only to your smile but also to your overall oral health. On the other hand, a lack of or improper cleaning can make them more prone to bacterial growth. You don’t want that, as it can make you more susceptible to oral diseases and tooth loss.

So, follow our denture cleaning tips to keep your dazzling smile and mouth healthy.

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