How to clean CCC cabinets (From general to specific)

There is no doubt that a set of wooden cabinets brings class to your household. However, their cleaning and maintenance are not that easy. You have to be careful with spills, grime, and dust particles that might affect its look. Similarly, CCC cabinets are quality cabinets that need special care. 

First of all, you should clean the cabinets every week. Secondly, wooden cabinets require daily dusting. However, for most people, regular cleaning is not that easy. Therefore, most homeowners prefer monthly or weekly cleaning. In addition to it, a thorough annual cleaning is obligatory to maintain its look.

You may clean your cabinets once a month, which is good. Still, sometimes simple cleaning is not enough. Throughout the year, you can do general cleaning and specific cleaning. However, everyday cleaning is the best option. 

General cleaning:

General cleaning is the outside cleaning of the cabinets. It does not involve inside cleaning. First of all, the cabinet doors have to deal with oil stains and acidic spills. Secondly, you may open them with oily or stained hands. In both situations, you have to clean them.

Well, it is quite simple. For general cleaning of your CCC cabinets, get a spray bottle. Then, add any homemade cleaner to it. Also, add two tbsp of olive oil and vinegar. Similarly, mix warm water into the bottle. Now, shake well and spray onto the cabinet doors. As a result, the stains will go away after wiping. Besides, the cabinets will retain their shine.

Specific cleaning:

You clean your quality kitchen cabinets once a month and twice a year. It is specific cleaning. Firstly, take out all of the jars and bottles from the cabinets. Then, clean the cabinets from the inside. Use mild cleaning agents. In addition to that, let the cabinets dry completely.

Similarly, put the jars and bottles back into the cabinets. This type of cleaning requires both outside and inside cleaning. Specific cleaning improves the hygiene of your kitchen cabinets. Consequently, the cabinets will not lose their elegance.

Other ways to clean the kitchen cabinets

Similarly, there are other ways to maintain the kitchen cabinets too. Their description is given below:

1- Use a mild cleaning agent:

Using a mild cleaning agent will help in cleaning the kitchen cabinets. However, avoid using any harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes. It may damage its varnish and the quality of wood. Besides, try to find a cleanser made for wooden cabinets. Therefore, you should be careful when cleaning the kitchen cabinets.

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2- Clean the water thoroughly:

First of all, while cleaning the cabinets, make sure you don’t use water directly. Secondly, use a soft cloth to dry the water. You should also avoid using hard clothes for rubbing on the spills. It will damage the surface of wooden cabinets.

Furthermore, thoroughly wipe the cabinets with a dry cloth. Do not let the water stay on its surface. As a result, you can clean the cabinets without causing any damage. Also, adding vinegar to water is an effective cleaning agent.

3- Consider removing light spots:

Light oily spots on the cabinets are natural when you cook in a kitchen. But, never take them lightly. Likewise, those light stains can become tough ones. Therefore, remove those spots while they are still soft. Do not delay the cleaning process. It is essential to clean the food and oily spills regularly.

4- Use a soft cloth or sponge:

Always use a soft cloth or a sponge for cleaning cabinets. A good-quality cabinet is not that easy to maintain. Similarly, CCC cabinets require extra care and maintenance. Do your cleaning and rubbing with soft cloths or sponges, rather than rough ones. 

5- Do not forget the glass:

Cabinets with glass doors are even harder to clean. Therefore, when cleaning, never forget the glass. Dirt particles, oily droplets, and food spills stick on the surface of glass doors. Therefore, cabinets with glass doors require frequent cleaning. 

Similarly, you have to wipe glass door cabinets with a good cleaning agent. Besides, you have to clean such cabinets at least once a week or twice a month. Use warm water if the stains do not come off quickly. It will work smoothly.


In conclusion, there are several ways to clean the CCC cabinets. However, you have to be careful with the cleaning products. Both general and specific cleaning is essential to maintain the kitchen cabinets. You can do everyday cleaning. Also, you can do it once a week or twice a month. Similarly, annual cleaning is also essential to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen. In this way, you will find the above description helpful for cleaning.


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