How To Choose the Right Equipment for Your Restaurant

Assembling a commercial kitchen is a process that needs a lot of care and consideration because, in the restaurant industry, the kitchen is the heart of a successful restaurant. What’s more, if you’re a new restaurant owner, you want to equip your restaurant staff with the right kitchen equipment to allow them to perform their tasks efficiently. Restaurant equipment isn’t cheap, which is why you need to look for white goods online to buy the right equipment.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing commercial restaurant equipment.

Consider how much space you have.

As you plan to outfit your kitchen with new equipment, first consider the size of your space. For your kitchen to run effectively, you’ll need to have an efficient layout that isn’t too cluttered and that allows your staff to flow in and out without bumping into each other. To do this, measure your kitchen area to get a sense of what pieces of equipment will fit.

If you run a food truck, for instance, and are looking to outfit your mobile kitchen, consider purchasing handy kitchen equipment that won’t take up much space. A great example of this is a portable ice maker. Portable countertop ice makers are a great addition to a mobile kitchen because, besides allowing you to make several bags of ice in a short amount of time, they’re cost-effective in that you won’t require any additional appliance installation or a plumber. Also, they use up very little space because they can easily be propped up on your kitchen countertop.

Traditional ice makers often require a drainage system to get rid of excess water from a batch of melted ice cubes. Meaning, you’d have to have your truck fitted with a drain or water connection of some kind to get rid of the extra pounds of ice. However, with a freestanding ice maker, you don’t have to worry about drainage at all. This is because they recycle the excess water from melted cubes to make fresh cubes.

Shop around for equipment financing options.


One of the challenges that most restaurant business owners face is trying to break even while also managing cash flow to expand other areas of the business. Luckily, with restaurant equipment financing, you can maintain a great credit score, manage your working capital, and afford new restaurant equipment all at once. Restaurant equipment financing is a type of financing that allows startups and other small business owners to access money to purchase industry-relevant equipment.

Several financial institutions, independent lenders, and financial specialists offer flexible financing solutions with flexible repayment terms to lease restaurant equipment without any form of collateral. An equipment financing lender will either give you a piece of equipment you need or give you the funds to purchase it. The monthly payments for this tend to include high interest rates.

Choose the right commercial kitchen equipment supplier.


The cost of restaurant equipment is high, which is why your merchandiser or supplier should be someone who stocks high-quality equipment. A great way to know that you’ve found the right equipment supplier is that they’ll provide repair services, help you install your new equipment, offer maintenance services, and offer great warranties.

As with all your suppliers, be a savvy shopper when looking to partner with suppliers and merchandisers. Ask for referrals, do your research on them, and consider the type of restaurant equipment they stock. This last part is important because some merchandisers specialize in coffee shop kitchen equipment, while others specialize in upscale restaurant kitchen equipment.