How to Choose the Right Door for Your Home

Security is, by all means, one of the most significant agendas when building up a new home. 

If you don’t feel safe in a place, it’s impossible to become your home place, right? This is why choosing the right door is critical when making home improvements or moving into a new living space.

It is as important as selecting the most suitable shade for the façade or buying the top safe furniture for the kid’s room. Since the market, though, is so vibrant and generous, you might find some difficulties in making the right choice.

This is why we strongly recommend you use our top-notched step-by-step guide to choose the most adequate home front door for your needs and preferences.

Select the most suitable material

There’s nothing more important than durable material for a safe and reliable front door. It’s the way, and from what the door is made of, that determines how to secure property with it.

These days you can find solid wooden front doors that will definitely take your breath away – stylish, authentic, and very fancy.

However, if you want a higher security level, steel and fibreglass materials might be the better options for you. They will stand for longer. And they have extras like weather, humidity, and fire resistance qualities.

Pay attention to the design

The door design isn’t significant only for the overall look of your front home appearance. The design can tell a lot about the door safety level, too.

For instance, the classical three-hinge system might seem budget-friendly and easy to mix and match with everything. Yet, it’s not the top-secured option you’ve got. Why don’t you consider modern front door designs with hidden hinges?

Setting a front door on a vertical pivot isn’t a bad idea. With this approach, you can have the maximum opening range wider while the natural light amount at home – more than ever before.

Insulation and energy efficiency

While natural sunlight can save money from lighting electricity expenses, the proper insulation can reduce your heating service bill. It doesn’t matter what heating you choose for your home place.

When your front door is isolated, you will spend less money – whether on gas, electricity to boost the air conditioner or wood for the fireplace.

Energy-efficient front doors maintain an optimal inside temperature and avoid risks such as high humidity levels and mould appearance.

What’s the Level of privacy?

Privacy shouldn’t be understood only as intimacy. It also supports the security level. The more private, the safer your home place is.

When choosing a front door through this idea, it is essential to select a design without any transparent zones. Glass elements are not ok if you want more privacy at all.

Besides, glass is easier to break than steel or wood, isn’t it?

Lock types to consider, avoid, and choose

The locking system is the main factor that determines the level of security in a front door. But how to choose a concrete lock type when so many designs and alternatives are out there? Here’s one very good alternative for you.

In case you decide to use a professional locksmith service, you will not get only some assistance for the installation.

You will also be consulted for the most suitable for your needs locking system – for free. Who would know the best door lock better than an expert locksmith?

Just to mention the most common lock types are:

  • A classical system with a key;
  • Smart lock through a chip or card;
  • Special locking systems with an individual password;
  • RFID entry.

Consider all security features, as well

Some of the smart lock ideas on the market provide extra security features. Among them, we find the alarm system and the motion sensors. 

These will give some additional safety for your property. You might need to consider them if you live in a neighbourhood with high crime levels, as well as if you have small kids constantly left alone with a babysitter.

Considering extra security features is also a must if you own expensive and valuable items at home. Don’t forget to consider your garage door as well.

No matter what you choose, please ensure that the door lock is a minimum of one inch long and has a durable metal strike plate.

We remind you that the glass zones are not resistant to bullets or bad climate conditions.

How about these Smart features?

When living in a smart era, having a smart front door is definitely an idea to consider. What else could be more important than your home safety?

Investing in a front door with the following smart features is undoubtedly an intelligent decision:

  • Keyless entry;
  • Alarm system;
  • Full video control on visitors;
  • Customer support for the smart door usage 24/7;
  • Smart automatic locking system;
  • And you name it. 

Installation difficulty is a factor to have in mind

Before you pay for the ultramodern front door you have just picked up in the online or physical store, hold on for a minute.

Consider if you can install it yourself. If you cannot, make sure you will have someone to do that instead of you or at least stand by your side to help. Many door producers include installation service at the final price or for free.

In addition to these, using professional locksmith services is a smart way to deal with the installation process with no hassle or sweating.

To tell you the truth, since we speak about the most important security feature in your home – the front door – a DIY installation project is not very reliable.


Select the proper front door for your new or current home place. Our tips can help you to avoid any dramatic mistakes that will cost your safety and comfort. 

Of course, you can always test and try in case of the wrong decision to replace the door, but why waste so much money? Last but not least, never forget about the professional assistance for your selection. Except for the locksmith technicians, you can also turn to the store consultants to show you the most durable and secure front doors in their catalogues.